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Studying Abroad


We have programs all over the world!
With hundreds of programs around the world during the semester, year, summer, and winter, there is a program for every student.
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Financial Information

Think again...
Studying abroad can be affordable for students who plan ahead and take time to research costs and scholarship opportunities. There are numerous programs that cost the same or less than a semester in Tucson. 
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Pre Departure Checklist

Check out the Pre-Departure Handbook.
This guide has lots of helpful information! We recommend that all students download this important resource and keep it with them.

Diversity and Identity Abroad

Resources for all, including LGBTQ, military, religious, disability, and more!
Local socio-cultural contexts abroad are often different than in the United States. Being knowledgeable beforehand will help prepare you for these differences.

Health and Safety

Your education includes more than just classes.
Study Abroad and Study Exchange has implemented a number of policies to keep UA students as healthy and safe as possible for the entire study abroad experience.