Prospective Students

Thanks for your interest in study abroad! Let's get started...

Step 1: Attend a Study Abroad 101 Session

All students interested in studying abroad must start by attending Study Abroad 101, an hour-long session that is full of helpful information.

Step 2: Consider Your Program Options

There are many programs to choose from! Study Abroad and Student Exchange offers hundreds of programs in approximately 60 countries which range from 3 weeks to 10 months. Use our program search tool to search by country, field of study, term, foreign language and more.

Our financial information provides details on billing and payment, scholarships and financial aid to help you select a program within your budget. Studying abroad can be quite affordable for students who take the time to research costs and scholarship opportunities. There are numerous programs which cost the same or less than a semester in Tucson.

Step 3: Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator

Once you have narrowed down your choices, meet with one (or more!) of our study abroad coordinators to get more information, ask questions, and help you select the right program. Book an appointment online or call our front desk at 520-626-9211. Non-UA students must call to book an appointment.

Step 4: Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Plan early! Talk with your academic advisor as early as possible about your intent to study abroad. Some courses are easier than others to take while abroad.

Once you have selected a program, you should meet with your academic advisor to make sure the program satisfies your academic requirements and keeps you on track for graduation.

Step 5: Apply!

Once you have completed all these steps, you are ready to apply to your program. Apply by clicking the "Apply Now" button on your program's page. Please keep in mind that each time you open an application, you will need to pay the $80 non-refundable application fee, whether you decide to complete the application or not. So be sure you've decided on which program you most want to attend! Please note, the UA application fee does not apply to CIEE, IAU, DIS, TEAN, or Semester at Sea.