Prospective Students

Thanks for your interest in study abroad! Let's get started...

Step 1: Complete the online Study Abroad 101 tutorial

All students interested in studying abroad must first complete the online Study Abroad 101 tutorial.

Step 2: Search for Programs, Meet with a Coordinator or Apply

Search Programs: Study Abroad and Student Exchange offers hundreds of programs in approximately 60 countries ranging from two weeks to 10 months. If you are unsure which program is best for you, use our program search tool to search by country, field of study, term, foreign language, and more.

Meet with a Coordinator: As you narrow down your choices, meeting with a Study Abroad Coordinator will help you determine which program is the best fit for you and gain greater details about the programs you are most interested in. Book your appointment with a Coordinator or call our front desk at 520-626-9211.

Apply: When you are confident in your program of choice, visit the program's page and click the "Apply Now" button. Keep in mind that with each application you open, you will be charged a non-refundable $80. Therefore, you are encouraged to only apply for one program.

Additional Steps

Attend a Study Abroad 201

The Study Abroad 201 offers a next step for students who are looking for more assistance in choosing a program, would like help with their application and want to learn more about Financial Aid options. 

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Talk with your Academic Advisor as early as possible about your intent to study abroad. Some courses are easier than others to take while abroad and speaking with your Advisor about how your courses abroad satisfy your academic requirements is an important part of the study abroad process.