Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator

Walk-in Advising

Walk-in Advising includes quick, general questions. Note: For region or program-specific questions, visa processes, or financial aid, you will need to schedule an appointment with a Coordinator. (See below).

Peer AdvisorsProgramsWalk-in Advising Hours: Spring 2018

Alena LaScola and 
Soltansanjar (Sanj) Gybyrov

General Program Information and CEA-specific questions

Monday: 9AM - 3PM
Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM
Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Appointment Advising

  • All students must complete the online Study Abroad 101 tutorial before meeting with a study abroad team member.
  • Appointments take place in Study Abroad & Student Exchange located in the University Services Building, Room 301.
  • Please bring your CatCard, as this is how attendance is recorded.
  • Arrive on time.

Exchange Programs

CoordinatorsCollegesExchange Program RegionsOther ProgramsSchedule a Meeting
Hsin-Fen Chang
(520) 621-5028
College of Law

Asia and Middle East
Europe (All except Germany and Spain)

Semester at Sea

Click Here for Hsin-Fen
Derrick Goodrich
(520) 621-1755
College of Engineering

Australia/New Zealand
Latin America
Europe (Germany and Spain)

Arizona in India

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Faculty-led Programs

CoordinatorsCollegesOther ProgramsSchedule a Meeting
Devon Bilsing
(520) 626-3427
College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA)
College of Education
College of Science
Eller College of Management

Arizona in Orvieto
Arizona in the Aegean

Click Here for Devon
Jill Calderon
(520) 626-4931
 Flinn ScholarsBook appointments by phone (520) 626 9211
Renee Griggs
(520) 626-7180
 Financial AidClick Here for Renee
Dafne Johnson
(520) 621-0785
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Click Here for Dafne
Rudo Moyo Sandy
(520) 626-9273
  On Maternity Leave. Please call (520) 626 9211 with questions
Lisa Turker
(520) 626-5390

Arizona Arabic Flagship
Arizona in Israel
Arizona in Jordan
Arizona in Paris
Arizona in the French Caribbean

Book appointments by phone (520) 626 9211
Katie Van Wyk
(520) 621-9403

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
College of Letters Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
College of Public Health
Honors College

Arizona in Alcalá
Arizona in Brazil
Arizona in Viña del Mar
Arizona in Segovia

Click Here for Katie
Danny Vander Ploeg
(520) 626-9664
 Arizona in Costa Rica
Arizona in Kazakhstan
Arizona in Russia
Arizona Summer Study in Leipzig
Arizona World Soccer Program
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