The United States government places the responsibility of tax obligations on the individual. In order to file your taxes you must determine whether you are considered a resident alien or nonresident alien for tax purposes. This determination is crucial for determining whether income is subject to taxation in the US or whether the US has a tax treaty with your home country. Multiple factors are used to determine if you are considered a nonresident alien or resident alien for tax purposes. If you are employed by the UA or have received other monies from the UA, your GLACIER account will assist you in determining your residency status for tax purposes.

Global Initiatives has purchased a site license for GLACIER Tax Prep software, to assist our visiting scholars and faculty in filing their taxes. IFS staff cannot assist with the preparation of tax forms or provide tax advice. If you do not have a GLACIER account you may request access by sending an email to For more information regarding GLACIER please visit the Financial Services Office’s (FSO) website.

If you require assistance with completing your tax documents you should contact a tax professional or immigration attorney with experience in tax law.


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