Outside Attorneys

Employment-based petitions are filed by The University of Arizona (UA) on behalf of the Foreign National (FN), also known as the Beneficiary, during the Permanent Residency (PR) process as well as during non-immigrant processes (i.e., H-1B and O-1).

Since the petition is the University’s petition, the University has the authority to determine which attorneys may file petitions on their behalf, and as a result represent the University in immigration matters.

If a FN does not want to pursue PR through the International Faculty & Scholars (IFS) office, they may hire, upon receiving sponsorship from their department, one of the attorneys who has been authorized to represent the UA. 

IFS must still sign the G-28, which allows the UA approved attorney to represent the University throughout the immigration process. IFS will not sign a G-28 or any immigration forms for an attorney other than those who have been authorized to represent UA.

Furthermore, FNs and departments are not allowed to employ an attorney who is not authorized to represent UA in immigration matters to pursue any employment-based immigrant or non-immigrant status, including H-1B, O-1, or PR.