When & Where

Where can I study abroad through the University of Arizona?

UA Study Abroad currently offers hundreds of programs which range from 1 week up to 10 months. UA Study Abroad works with programs in approximately 60 countries around the globe.  Use the Program Search to explore these many options.

When should I study abroad?

With hundreds of programs during the semester, academic year, summer, spring break, and winter, students have the flexibility to study abroad when it best fits into their degree program at the UA!  Students frequently study abroad during their sophomore or junior years; however, most programs can accept students starting after their first year on campus.  It is best to talk to your academic advisor to determine the best time for study abroad based on your major/minor coursework.  For example, some majors are more flexible to study abroad during the first 2 years or while others are more flexible in the last 2 years of study.