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Dates, Deadlines, and Costs
TermApp DeadlineStart DateEnd DateCost
SpringAugust 28 (Engineering Students, August 15)JanuaryAprilBudget
FallFebruary 24SeptemberDecemberBudget
Academic YearFebruary 24SeptemberAprilBudget
Program Information
  • GPA
  • 3.0
  • Language of Instruction
  • English
  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • No
  • Class Eligibility
  • Graduate, Junior, Senior, Sophomore
  • Program Open To
  • UA Students
  • Credit Type
  • Transfer Credit
  • Level of Study
  • Graduate, Undergraduate
  • Housing Options
  • Apartment, Residence Hall
  • Program Type
  • Exchange
Program Overview

Come and study in Canada at the University of Alberta! UAlberta is one of Canada's leading universities, known for innovative research, world-renowned discoveries, and a vibrant and inspiring campus community.


Please note that the course listings in the official University of Alberta Calendar provide ALL the courses that have been offered in the past and MAY possibly be offered at the University
of Alberta. The appearance of a course in the U of A Calendar does not guarantee that it will be offered every term or every academic year. There are also course listings in the online
Course Catalogue .

However, the most current information is available on Bear Tracks. Course listings and Class schedules for 2017/2018 will be updated on Bear Tracks at the end of
March 2017. For a more accurate representation of course offerings, students can compare the course offerings with the current year’s class schedule.

There are two important resources that students should refer to when selecting their courses on Bear Tracks:
1. The “Course Listings” includes all course descriptions and credit weight.
2. The “Schedule of Classes” outlines in detail the term, time and date, and location that each course is offered.

Note: Courses that begin with “AU” are offered at the University of Alberta’s AUGUSTANA
CAMPUS. The Augustana Campus is our rural campus and is located about 1.5 hours away
from Edmonton by car in a Camrose, Alberta. Please advise refraining from
choosing these courses as they are only offered at Augustana and not on the main Edmonton

Students accepted for exchange to the University of Alberta can take any courses they wish with the following exceptions:

  • Undergraduate students cannot take graduate-level courses but graduate students may be able to take undergraduate-level courses
  • Any courses or programs described in our Bear Tracks system as being closed to exchange students (we will provide all incoming exchange students with all the details they'd need to find and navigate through Bear Tracks)
  •  Art and Design courses with the exception of art history (i.e., ART H) courses
  • Faculty of Extension courses (i.e., with course codes starting with “EX”)
  • Any courses at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus (i.e., avoid courses with course codes starting with “AU”)
  • Medicine courses
  • Dentistry courses
  • Pharmacy courses
  • Criminology courses
  • Nursing courses
  • The following courses in the Alberta School of Business: ACCTG 480, BUS 201, BUS 301, FIN 436, FIN 480, MGTSC 312, MIS 441, SMO 310, SMO 441, SMO 470 and SMO 471. In addition, independent research, internship, study tour, competition, work experience and Special Topics (numbered 488) courses are not open to exchange students

Please also note these other restrictions:

  • Students can only take courses at the School of Business if they are enrolled in the School of Business
  • Students can only take courses in the Faculty of Engineering if they are enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering



Come and study in Canada at the University of Alberta! The main campus is located centrally in the city of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta in Western Canada.


Accommodation is guaranteed to all exchange students who start in September and apply online to the following residences before April 30th:
For students starting their exchanges in January term, guaranteed housing is not available; however, there are usually less applications for housing at this time and students can expect to learn of their room offers in late November.

**If applications are received late there is no guaranteed housing. The Education Abroad office has no involvement in housing placements.
Online residence application can be found here:

As a quick guide to on campus residences:

  1. HUB International Residence: Apartment Style; furnished and non-furnished, noncatered apartments (shared or single apartments available).
  2. International House – furnished single rooms with private bathrooms; shared kitchens on each floor; non-catered. Competitive application to live in I-House.
  3. East Campus Village: apartment style; non furnished & non catered apartments (shared apartments available)
  4. Residence St. Jean – Located on the French Campus in the French Community. Furnished (bed, desk, chair) single dormitory style with private washroom. Residents are expected to speak French in the residence.
  5. Pinecrest House, Tamarack House, Alder House, Linden House, Graduate Residence are not suitable for exchange students because they only offer 11 month leases. Exchange students should not apply for these housing options.

There are also off campus opportunities available. If students wish to set up their own
accommodations, they can use our Student’s Union’s housing registry to find rental properties
available around the city:

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