Integrated Chinese Primary Healthcare

Integrated Chinese Primary Healthcare
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Program Overview

Explore mainland China and learn about primary healthcare in this holistic medical setting.  Students will explore Chinese medicine, acupuncture, clinical techniques and martial arts.  This program is run by the China Normal Scholarship Management committee, making it the most affordable UA Study Abroad program in China.  Students must hold a U.S. passport to be eligible. 


In this program, students will spend time in Henan, a Chinese province that is internationally well-known for its ancient history and its origination and current practice of Chinese medicine, Chen-style Tai Ji, and Shaolin martial arts. Students will have a firsthand look at primary healthcare in China with exploration into Chinese medicine, acupuncture, clinical techniques and martial arts.

  • Course Credit: CPH 459/559 Special Topics - Integrated Chinese Primary Healthcare
    • Spring term: students earn 18 units
    • Summer term: students earn 12 units



Henan is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the central part of the country. Although the name of the province (河南) means "south of the river",[4] approximately a quarter of the province lies north of the Yellow River, also known as the "Huang He".

Henan is often referred to as Zhongyuan or Zhongzhou (中州) which literally means "central plains" or "midland", although the name is also applied to the entirety of China proper. Henan is the birthplace of Chinese civilization with over 5,000 years of history, and remained China's cultural, economical, and political center until approximately 1,000 years ago. Numerous heritages have been left behind including the ruins of Shang Dynasty capital city Yin and the Shaolin Temple. Four of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China, Luoyang, Anyang, Kaifeng, and Zhengzhou are located in Henan.


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