The Honors Trip

England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
The Honors Trip
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Program Information
  • GPA
  • 2.5
  • Language of Instruction
  • English
  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • No
  • Class Eligibility
  • Freshman, Sophomore
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  • UA Students
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  • UA Direct Credit
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  • Undergraduate
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  • UA Faculty-led
Program Overview

The Honors College has partnered with the UA Office of Global Initiatives to provide Honors Students with an Honors experience abroad. The Honors Trip offers the opportunity to spend your summer in Paris and Berlin, Rome and Madrid or Berlin and The Netherlands, while earning six units of Honors General Education credit. Apply early as spots are limited to 22 students per trip! The three trips for Summer 2018 are:





You will explore the unique arts and culture of each city by visiting renowned museums, attending performances, and sampling the regional foods of each locale. Uncover the sights, sounds, and literary soul of a new city and country alongside other Honors students and UA Honors professors in a safe and structured program.

Through this application, you can apply to all three trips by answering the essay questions for each of the trip locations for the one $80 application fee.

All students will earn 6 units of general education credit by participating in this program in the following:

HNRS 160D: Honors Quest (3 units), Tier I TRAD

HNRS 208: Advanced Critical Thinking and Writing for Honors Students (3 units), Tier II Humanities


Dr. Cynthia White

Rome, Italy , Madrid, Spain & London, England

Since I first began my career as a Professor of Classics, I have lived in Rome, studied there, and led groups of travelers to its famous splendors. The UA summer “Honors City as Text” courses are among the most wonderful I have ever taught, because students move between desktop and street life to become architects of their own learning. When I meet students from previous summers, they always tell me about the friendships they made on the trip and the confidence they gained in their own ability to negotiate transportation, language, and the unexpected(!) in international settings. Most important, perhaps, they tell me that their summer Honors experience gave them a perspective on their own lives and career plans. As we stand in the ruins of Rome and experience the rise and fall of empires and millennia against the delightful dolce vita of the modern city, I hope that Rome will shed its golden dust upon you, too, and that the experience will change you in all the best ways.

Dr. Bryan Carter

Paris, France & Berlin, Germany

I hope you gain a deeper appreciation of Parisian culture through this trip, one that includes the influence of African American expatriates, a little-known aspect of our collective history. I have been taking students to Paris and other destinations overseas for the past decade and thoroughly enjoy experiencing the discoveries that students make while traveling abroad. The Digital Stories you create will teach you a different way to use technology and experience the city through different vantage points.

Dr. Hester Oberman

Berlin, Germany & The Netherlands

As a Dutch native, I have completed my academic training in both The Netherlands at Amsterdam and Leiden as well as in Germany, at the University of Tubingen. Fluent in both languages, I welcome you on a journey of your life time to come explore with me not only foreign places but more so gain deeper perspective on yourself and your country​ of origin.


Rome, Italy , Madrid, Spain & London, England

We begin our summer Honors City as Text course with three weeks in Rome, “the Eternal City and the center to which all gravitates,” in Longfellow’s famed description. Our chronological and thematic study will include the complex history and famed topography of Rome, from its foundations in the Roman Forum through Mussolini’s fascist regime. Various authors and genres, discussions, presentations, independent research, and gelato(!) will nuance our daily walks. Interweaving our texts with artistic representations of the city in maps, architecture, painting, sculpture, street life, town planning, archeology, monuments, music, and food will copiously reveal the enduring magic of golden Rome. Before you leave you will be gelato experts, and you will have joined the ranks of centuries of “grand tourists”—artists, writers, and travelers—who visited the city and then carried the memory of its topography and monuments in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

In Madrid, you will spend a week visiting several major sites and museums, including the singularly rich collection in the Prado Museum, and experience the food, art, literature, music and neighborhoods of this colorful city, including its ancient foundations and its connections to Rome and the Roman Empire and to the language and customs that have been so influential in our regional community.

Paris, France  & Berlin, Germany

We will begin our adventure in the City of Light! Paris, France is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and in addition to experiencing traditional tourist attractions such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the world-famous neighborhoods and food, you will also learn about and visit lesser known aspects of Paris dealing with ethnic markets, exhibits and the impact that African American expatriates had on the city, particularly Jazz. We will then spend a week in Berlin where we will also explore the impact of Jazz, particularly that created by African American expats, before and after World War II.

These trips will be digitally documented in unprecedented ways, allowing you to tell the story of your adventures through images, 360-degree video, traditional video and detailed descriptions. You will even have the opportunity broadcast “live” back to family and friends who are following your journey.

The Honors Trip is an invigorating way to immerse yourself in the rich histories and cultures of two of the most significant countries of Western Europe.

Berlin, Germany & The Netherlands

Berlin is not just the Capital of Germany that dates from the 13th century, its the most vibrant metropolis in Europe at the moment. We will spend two weeks delving into a city that is famous for its turbulent 20th-century history, graffiti as celebrated art, and soccer. Divided during the Cold War, its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate now symbolizes reunification. Berlin is multiethnic and highly innovative, with some parts of the city resembling Silicon Valley where many young companies and most startups live. Our time in Berlin will include small-group explorations of the Reichstag, the Wall (what's left), the Jewish Museum, the Holocaust Monument, a boat ride from Potsdam, and much more.

Holland or The Netherlands is a country known for its tulips, windmills, and bikes. Though small it is a vibrant and innovative country that come to riches during it's golden years in the 16th-17th centuries, able to bankroll the nascent United States, and produced great masters like Rembrandt van Rijn, Vermeer, and van Gogh. We will visit the famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, and Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam, go to the cheese markets of Gouda, and visit Delft where the famous "Delft-Blue" pottery is made. The Dutch have dealt with climate change and rising water levels for centuries. We will study the intricate waterways of 'grachten,"sloten,"'and dikes, take gondolas, and visit 'polders' which are made of reclaimed land from the sea.


For all trips, students will either stay in fully equipped multi-bedroom apartments or in twin occupancy hotel rooms.


Rome, Italy , Madrid, Spain & London, England

We will visit the ancient ruins, including the Forum, Colosseum, and Palatine, the Christian catacombs, several world-class museums, including the Borghese Gallery and the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, and churches that are filled with art treasures and chapels that are like individual architectural gems. Outside of the centro historico, we will have a day at Cinecittà, the “city” of Italian film, a train journey into the medieval world of Orvieto, and a visit to Naples, Sorrento, and Pompeii on our weekend in the south. After Rome, we will spend a week in Madrid where you will study and visit well-known historical and cultural sites, such as Retiro Park, the Sunday El Rastro Market, the Temple of Debod (at sunset!), the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the San Miguel Market. We will also explore nearby sites on day trips to Segovia, Toledo, and El Escorial, all the while enjoying the unique cuisine, dance, and the daily life of summer in the city.

We also visit London for a week of study in this vibrant and culturally diverse city. Some of the highlights include Westminster Abbey and Parliament, and the Tower of London, and we also reserve part of each day to sample the rich treasures housed in the London museums that relate to our work in Rome, e.g., British Museum, V&A, Imperial War Museum, the Portrait Gallery, and the Tate Gallery. Our excursions include a night in the west end to see a show, a day in Stratford-upon Avon to see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform, and a departure from Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station for the academic spires of Cambridge, capped by an early evening of punting on the Thames.

Paris, France & Berlin, Germany

You will spend three weeks in Paris where you will visit traditional locations, tourist attractions, museums, art galleries and day trips to locations near Paris such as Normandy, Nante, the home of Alexander Dumas, and even the castles of Versailles. Paris will become very familiar to you and you will discover some of the smaller museums, galleries and shopping area that only the locals frequent.

In Berlin, you will visit places like Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust memorials and the vibrant artists communities. In addition to those more popular locations, we will also visit areas more focused on ethnic groups in Berlin, particularly the impact of African American expatriates on the city.

Berlin, Germany & The Netherlands

The 2018 Honors Trip to Berlin and Holland is an invigorating way to immerse yourself in the rich histories and cultures of two of the most significant countries of Western Europe. The theme City as Text transforms the places we visit to our three-dimensional textbook. You will learn to explore Berlin and Potsdam but also Utrecht, Haarlem, and Maastricht through the lense of the history of science and medicine, art and architecture, and food and pop culture. The Honors Trip is an invigorating way to immerse yourself in the rich histories and cultures of two of the most significant countries of Western Europe. The theme City as Text transforms the places we visit to our three-dimensional textbook. You will learn to explore Berlin and Potsdam but also Utrecht, Haarlem, and Maastricht through the lense of the history of science and medicine, art and architecture, and food and pop culture.

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