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Program Overview

*** Please Note: Deadline dates differ based on city and program, please check CEA's website for specific date of your program.***

CEA is a University of Arizona affiliated third-party provider. Students who intend to study abroad on a CEA program should meet with their UA Study Abroad Coordinator at least once before completing the application process.  CEA also has program advisors available to answer any CEA or program specific questions. Students applying to CEA programs must complete BOTH the CEA program specific application and the general UA Study Abroad application. The UA Study Abroad application deadline will match the deadline for your specific CEA program application.

CEA internships allow you the possibility to earn credit while offering a concurrent cross-cultural leadership seminar. Through dedicated assessment and reflection, you’ll maximize your experience by learning to clearly articulate skills and knowledge gained, an ability that’s essential when applying for jobs or speaking about your international experience to a potential employer.

Receiving academic credit for the internship requires pre-approval from your academic department and that you meet all the requirements put forth by your department to receive credit. Please speak with your study abroad coordinator to learn more about the process by which you request approval from your relevant department.

CEA’s international internship programs provide you with unique, hands-on experience that allows you to gain marketable skills while you’re studying abroad. Our extensive network of business, non-profit, and non-governmental organization contacts around the world mean internship placements tailored to your professional and academic goals. Boost your resume while gaining the experience and skills that set you apart from the competition!

CEA aligns your placement to your professional, academic, and personal goals. Most internships are part-time (so you’ll take other classes abroad, too) and many don’t require foreign language ability.

CEA offers two types of internship programs: Internship Only and Internships + Study.

Internship Only (30-35 hours per week) programs occur only in the summer and are programs that focus entirely on gaining career experience, run during the summer, and are ideal when you’re working with a modest budget.These unpaid, pre-professional opportunities are great for developing workplace skills, learning about a career, giving you workplace experience for your resume, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and helping you build a professional network.

Internship + Study (15-20 hours per week) programs combine coursework and internships and are available during the spring, summer, and fall, so you can stay on track for graduation. Unpaid, pre-professional opportunities, these programs are great for developing workplace skills, learning about a career, giving you workplace experience for your resume, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and helping you build a professional network.

Areas of Placement

How You Are Placed in an Internship:

CEA takes time with you to set expectations and explore the skills you need to succeed. They then search for the right placement, one that will support your needs and requirements for professional success, honing in on skill development and refinement, so that you will have the full set of skills employers are seeking after graduation.

CEA's locally-based staff will find a placement that will challenge you to build your skill-set and make a meaningful impact. While CEA may partner with multinational companies, our preference is for organizations and companies that give you the opportunities, qualifications, and diversity of experience you need to succeed.

Find more information about finding an internship in the following fields by clicking your fields of interest:

Accounting | Finance

Marketing | Sales | Public Relations | Advertising

Business Management | Non Profit Administration

Media Technology | Broadcasting | Publishing

Communication | Journalism | Engineering | Mathematics

Theatre | Performing Arts

Exercise | Sports Science

Tourism | Hospitality

International Relations | Political Science

Visual & Digital Arts | Design

Life Sciences & Resource Management | Sustainability




For CEA's Internship Only programs that occur over the summer, internships are available in Europe with one placement located outside of Europe in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For CEA's Internship + Study programs, placements are available in Europe with the addition of placements in Costa Rica, Argentina, and China.

CEA Scholarship Info

Program Costs

To find your program costs, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Internship Only or Internship + Study program that you prefer.
  2. When on your preferred program and click on "SEE DETAILS".
  3. In the upper left of the page select the correct session you plan to enroll in under "Available Sessions" (i.e. Spring 2019, Summer: June 8-week, etc.).
  4. Next, find the "Budget & Calendar" tab in-between the "Courses" and "FAQ" tabs and click on it.
  5. Under the Sample Budget's "low-cost" and "high-cost" columns, listed are the program's estimated expenses.
  6. Last, account for the "Study Abroad Fee", which is $600 for a summer program and $1,500 for a semester program.
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