Arizona in the Aegean (Greece)

Arizona in the Aegean (Greece)
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Program Information
  • GPA
  • 2.5
  • Language of Instruction
  • English
  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • No
  • Class Eligibility
  • Freshman, Graduate, Junior, Senior, Sophomore
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  • UA and Non-UA Students
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  • UA Direct Credit
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  • Graduate, Undergraduate
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  • UA Faculty-led
Program Overview

This program introduces the fascinating world of ancient Greece and its masterpieces in art, architecture, and literature while traveling across the mainland and the islands of Greece. Explore the famous Parthenon, consult the all-powerful oracle at Delphi, visit the palatial seat of Mycenaean King Agamemnon at Mycenae, run in the original Olympic Stadium, discover the pioneering technology of the Cycladic islands, and participate in harvest-to-table gastronomical adventures.


CLAS 220: Classics through the Ages

This course explores the lasting legacy of Classical culture. From the shining marble Acropolis to the mysterious ruins of Delphi, we'll highlight the soaring achievements of the ancient Greeks and investigate the impact they've had on the modern world. Learn about one of history's most influential cultures in land from which it arose: read the ancients in the shadow of the Parthenon, sprint through the stadium at Olympia, and ponder the meaning of "Classical" while gazing at the wine-dark sea.

Gen Ed Tier 2 Humanities Instructor: Robert Stephan (

CLAS/ANTH 341: Mediterranean Craft Technologies and Environmental Strategies: Past and Present

In the Cyclades beats the heart of Greece: Paros, famous in antiquity for its marble, honey, and shipbuilding, Naxos, with monumental temples and urban planning, and Santorini, witness to one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions. Through museum and site visits, hands-on craft workshops, visits to marble quarries, and interviews with local craftspeople, we will examine how communities across the centuries have capitalized on environmental resources, excelled in craft technologies, and perfected strategies to cope with natural and human disasters.

Instructor: Eleni Hasaki (


Mainland and Islands of Greece

On the Greek mainland, the program will include visits to major performance sites including celebrated theaters where great tragedies and comedies were staged (Athens, Epidaurus); panhellenic ritual and athletic centers (Delphi, Olympia); spectacular architecture (Athens, Mycenae); and museums filled with superb artifacts. On the ideal island settings of Paros, Naxos and Santorini, students directly examine interconnections between craft production and performance by visiting marble quarries, producing pottery and interviewing local crafts people. Students are introduced to icons of Greek art, architecture and poetry through readings and most significantly through hands-on activities with opportunities for their own performance or craft production. They gain unique experiences and critical skills grounded in the landscape and environment in which they flourished.


Hotel Rooms (Double or Triple Occupancy) 


Faculty Leaders;

Dr. Robert Stephan, Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies and Classics


Dr. Eleni Hasaki, Associate Professor, UA School of Anthropology/Department of Religious Studies and Classics

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