Parents and Families

Parents and families:

Your student is about to embark on a journey of a lifetime and you may have questions about the whole process. You may want to know if your child will be safe in another country or if they will be able to adapt to new cultures or customs. Studying abroad helps empower students to become independent global citizens! Whether it's figuring out how to order at a restaurant where the menu is in an unfamiliar language to learning to conserve water and electricity where it might not be so readily available, your student will learn and grow by learning to think independently and resourcefully.

With this in mind, you can empower your student to start their journey at home. Encourage them to start early and allow them to explore the process on their own. Our staff is here to help and we will make sure that your student is ready to go abroad! The Study Abroad office has procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of your student while they are abroad and we do our best to help students receive the best global education experience possible.

Below are resources and tips that can help your student make the most out of their experience abroad. See testimonials from other parents and families of study abroad alumni!

FERPA for parents

Although the Study Abroad office will do its best to provide you with important information regarding your student's application, there is certain information that cannot be released to parents. Please refer to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act page for more information on this policy.

Code of Conduct

Although your student is participating in an educational experience that is not on the University of Arizona campus, they are still required to abide by the Dean of Students Code of Conduct. Any violation of this policy, even while abroad, can result in sanctions imposed on your student including being sent home. For more information, please visit the Dean of Students Code of Conduct.

Pre-departure information

In addition to the support that students will receive from Study Abroad staff, they will also complete a Prep-to-Go Tutorial online and attend a mandatory in-person session specific to their study abroad program. These will serve as a useful resource for many questions that your student might have. Additionally, a study abroad handbook is accessible for all students to review before going abroad. 

Before they embark 

The following articles provide useful insight to help you help your student prepare for their exciting journey:


It isn’t easy being a parent of a young adult of college age – and it can be tough to draw a neat line between “helicoptering” over the student and giving them 100% independence. Studying abroad raises the stakes, as your adult child maneuvers through the student visa process prior to departure or learns their way around their new neighborhood onsite in Costa Rica. Common sense, coping skills and listening to expert advice all play a role. With guidance and support from you and from their Study Abroad Coordinator, we can help your student – early in the process – to take a proactive approach to handling the program requirements independently and challenges on their own. 


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