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UA Study Abroad Programs offer some of the most exciting and academically enriching opportunities available to you as a student. Explore your options! 

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When & Where

When & Where

Where can I study abroad through the University of Arizona?

UA Study Abroad currently offers hundreds of programs which range from 1 week up to 10 months. UA Study Abroad works with programs in approximately 60 countries around the globe.  Use the Program Search to explore these many options.

When should I study abroad?

With hundreds of programs during the semester, academic year, summer, spring break, and winter, students have the flexibility to study abroad when it best fits into their degree program at the UA!  Students frequently study abroad during their sophomore or junior years; however, most programs can accept students starting after their first year on campus.  It is best to talk to your academic advisor to determine the best time for study abroad based on your major/minor coursework.  For example, some majors are more flexible to study abroad during the first 2 years or while others are more flexible in the last 2 years of study.

Types of Programs

Types of Programs

What kinds of programs are available?

There are 4 main program categories:

  • UA Faculty-led:  Programs organized and/or taught by UA professors and staff.  Students take classes with other UA students.  Participants earn direct UA credit, which means grades received are calculated into the UA GPA. Students pay a set program fee, regardless of residency status.
  • Exchange: Students attend one of UA's partner institutions abroad for a semester or academic year and attend classes with a mix of local and international students.  Participants pay the equivalent of UA tuition and earn transfer credit, which does not affect the UA GPA. Please note: space is limited on some exchanges, so apply early!
  • Direct Enroll: Similar to exchange, students attend one of UA's partner institutions abroad with a mix of local and international students.  However, students pay the host institution's tuition plus a UA Registration Fee.  Students earn transfer credit, which does not affect the UA GPA.
  • Third-party Provider: There are 6 UA-affiliated third-party program providers (CEA, CIEE, DIS, IAU, the Education Abroad Network [TEAN], and Semester at Sea) that draw students from all over the US. Program experiences can vary significantly by provider and location.  In most cases, students take classes with other US students, but some programs also offer classes with a mix of local and international students. Students pay a set program fee, regardless of residency status, plus a UA Registration Fee.  Students earn transfer credit, which does not affect the UA GPA.



What are the eligibility requirements for studying abroad?

Eligibility requirements vary by program.  It is important to understand the specific program requirements before applying.  All programs have a GPA requirement.  Other requirements could include course pre-requisites, field of study, foreign language proficiency, class standing, and citizenship, among others. 

What is the minimum GPA?

The University of Arizona minimum GPA requirement to study abroad is 2.5.  However there are some programs which require a 3.0 or higher.  Each program webpage lists the GPA requirement.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Learning a language is an important part of living in this global age, and we highly encourage students to study a foreign language.  However, many programs in non-English speaking countries do offer courses in English as well as beginning, intermediate, and advanced language instruction. Language proficiency is not always a pre-requisite for studying abroad so check program webpages for specific language requirements.

For other eligibility requirements, click HERE.



Is study abroad affordable?

Studying abroad can be quite affordable for the students who plan ahead and take time to research costs and scholarship opportunities. There are numerous programs that cost the same or less than a semester in Tucson. Program costs can be found in the budget link on each individual program page.  Visit the Financial Information page for ideas on how to fund your program.

Are financial aid and scholarships available? 

Funding opportunities are available for studying abroad. The Financial Information page is very helpful for information related to scholarships, financial aid, and creative funding ideas.


Application Process

Application Process

What is involved in the application process?

Please see the How to Apply page for the steps involved in applying to a study abroad program. Students should only apply to one program.  If you would like to know how competitive a program is before you apply, please speak to the regional study abroad coordinator.  Applications often require materials that take time to obtain (e.g. official transcripts, recommendations, etc.) so be sure to start the application well in advance of the deadline.  Once the application deadline has passed, it may take up to 2 months to receive your acceptance decision.

When are the application deadlines?

Program deadlines vary. Check program webpages for exact dates. Many programs, especially exchanges, have varying deadlines.

  • February 25: most summer programs
  • April 25: most fall and academic year programs
  • October 25: most spring, calendar year, winter and spring break programs

Non-UA Programs

Non-UA Programs

What if I can't find a UA study abroad program that fits my needs?

While we have over one hundred programs offering a wide range of locations, courses, and costs, we may not have the perfect fit for everyone.

If you decide to participate in a Non-UA sponsored program or trip, please complete the program information questionnaire in UAbroad in order to gain access to important information about the financial, academic, and other steps you'll need to take before you go abroad.  When you first land on the page above, you'll need to enter the term you are going abroad and dates for your itinerary, Please enter estimated dates if you do not yet know the exact dates you'll be abroad and complete the rest of the items you see on the following page.  if you have questions, please call 520.626.9211 for assistance.