I have enrolled in a course that was not originally approved by my academic advisor. How do I get it approved?

Email your UA Academic Advisor with the new course name and description (include a syllabus if you have one). They will be able to tell you how that course applies to your degree requirements. Once you have emailed approval, send that message to your Study Abroad Coordinator to add to your UAbroad portal for record-keeping. 

Do the grades I take while I am abroad affect my University of Arizona GPA?

Faculty-led Programs: YES! These courses are direct credit and will impact your Cumulative GPA.

Exchange/Third Party/Direct Enroll Programs: No! You must earn an equivalent of a C or better for each class (B or higher for graduate students) in order for the University of Arizona to accept your course credit abroad. However, the grades DO NOT affect your UA GPA. Keep in mind that if you apply for graduate school, most graduate programs will request transcripts from every institution you took classes, including your term abroad. 

What is considered a passing grade?

The equivalent of a C grade is considered passing (or a B grade if you are a graduate student). You will need to research the foreign grading system of the country in which you are studying, and then you will need to understand what grade in your host country is equivalent to a "C" (or "B" if you are a graduate student).

Should I keep my course syllabi and course work?

Yes! Do NOT throw away your syllabi and coursework (papers, projects, etc.) before you come home. Your academic advisor may ask to see your work for credit evaluation.

I am struggling in some of my classes. What should I do?

It is very typical for study abroad students to go through some adjustment while in study abroad classes. In many cases your professors are not American, and they will have a very different teaching and grading style than you are used to. If you are taking classes in a foreign language, you may need to to learn new words related to your topic of study.

If you are having a hard time, speak with your professor to find out what you can do to improve in class. Additionally, talk to one of your study abroad program administrators (the program director, for example) to find more resources that can help you become more successful.  Look into study groups or tutors.  The important thing to remember is to reach out for support and to know your resources.

How do I register for UA classes for the next semester when I will be back to UA?

UAccess works just the same from Morocco to Japan and Moscow to Australia!  Like other semesters, all students are notified about their online priority registration period through email, so that they can select classes for the following semester.  Students should contact their academic advisors early to get advice on what courses to register for. Then use UAccess during priority registration as you normally would. Don't forget—you will be in a different time zone and registration is open to you only during certain AZ times.  You may have to get up early or stay up late to register. You can also decide to have a friend or parent register you for classes. This can be done by creating a "guest" account in UAccess.

I would like to stay on my study abroad program for an additional semester. Is this possible?

For most programs, it is possible to extend your stay. In order to do so, you MUST talk directly to your UA Study Abroad Coordinator about the possibility of staying.