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International Students

International Student Tuition Award

Award Amounts: $2,000-$10,000. Amounts for continuing students remain the same as initial offer.

Availability: Based on academic year renewal requirements; for fall and spring semesters only

  • Freshmen - Four consecutive years (8 semesters total)
  • Transfer students - Two consecutive years (4 semesters total)

Application: A completed UA Admission Application for Spring 2012  serves as the application for this award.

Deadline: Fall - Admitted by May 1, 2012 & Spring - Admitted by October 1, 2012


  1. Students selected for this scholarship will receive an e-mail from International Student Services.
  2. Offers are non-negotiable and are not increased to match offers from other institutions.
  3. The award must be used the semester for which it was first offered.
  4. Awards are not offered for any summer term.


  1. A limited number of merit-based scholarships will be awarded to students based upon their application for admission who demonstrate significant international experience during high school and who exhibit outstanding academic records.
  2. Must verify your lawful presence as described under Arizona's Proposition 300. Semesters without lawful presence verified will be lost and counted against the scholarship's total eight or four semesters.
  3. Complete 30 units per academic year at the University of Arizona (UA).

Renewal Criteria:

  1. GPA: 3.25 cumulative University of Arizona grade point average.
  2. Units: 30 completed UA units each academic year. Academic year begins in fall and endsat the close of summer session II. Qualified units within the academic year include: UA winter and summer courses, passing units from pass/fail courses and Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) units. F1 and J1 international students must check with an advisor in ISPS to inquire ensure that GRO units will count towards full-time enrollment for immigration purpose. Non-qualifying units include: failed, incompletes, prior academic years, New Start, consortium, correspondance, audit, and units from other institutions.
  3. Students must be undergraduates to receive the award and can be renewed until first Bachelor's degree program is completed, provided renewal criteria are met each year.
  4. Students not meeting renewal criteria, see Reinstatement section below.

Multiple Tuition Awards:

  1. This award covers a portion of non-resident tuition only. Tuition does not include fees, surcharges, room and board, books or other expenses.
  2. This award may not be combined with a MacBook, IPad, National Merit Finalist, National Achievement, National Hispanic Award, Transfer Academic Achievement Award, Phi Theta Kappa Award, some ROTC Tuition Awards, the Arizona-Sonoran Tuition Award, and some departmental tuition awards depending on type and amount.
  3. This scholarship may be reduced each year the Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) (a benefit for faculty and staff) is utilized or other tuition reduction programs are utilized.
  4. Students in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program are not eligible for this award.

How the award is applied:

  1. The award will disburse to a student's UA bursar account approximately ten days before classes begin once the student's lawful presence has been verified and the student is enroll full-time (12+ units per term) at UA. However, this award requires 30 completed UA units per academic year for renewal. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete 30 UA units each academic year to remain on track to graduate within four years, the maximum period this award covers.
  2. This scholarship is only applied to UA tuition charges.


  1. Students failing to meet the renewal criteria by the conclusion of the spring semester may raise their cumulative GPA to the minimum 3.25 and/or make up missing UA units in summer to have the scholarship reviewed for reinstatement. Students must contact Noelle Sallaz in International Student Programs and Service (ISPS) prior to the start of the fall semester for this review.
  2. Students with extenuating circumstances beyond their control preventing them from meeting the renewal requirements by the conclusion of the summer of the academic year may appeal to the UA Scholarship Appeal Committee. See Noelle Sallaz in ISPS for more information.


  1. Eligibility for this scholarship is for consecutive semesters, interrupted only by an approved deferment request from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OFSA). In addition to the deferment request, students are advised to request a leave of absence if the student will be absent from the UA for a year or less, unless the student will be on a UA Study Abroad or Student Exchange Program. F1 and J1 international students must meet with Marie Willard or another international student advisor in ISPS to discuss the university leave of absence process and effects on immigration status.

Students who participate in Study Abroad & Student Exchange:

  1. National Student Exchange (NSE) students may use this scholarship while on program.
  2. Study Abroad and International Student Exchange students may not use the award while abroad. However, students on UA-sponsored Study Abroad and International Student Exchanges are not required to submit a deferment request or a leave of absence. Students on these programs will be notified by e-mail of their deferment status prior to the start of the semester(s) they plan to be away. Students on non-UA-sponsored study abroad program must submit a deferment request to OFSA and are advised to request a leave of absence if the student will not complete a consortium agreement for the purpose of receiving financial aid from UA while abroad. F1 and J1 international students must inform Noelle Sallaz of their plans to study abroad.

Withdrawal Policy:
If a student withdraws on or after the first day of classes, the student forfeits that semester of scholarship eligibility. This scholarship may be reinstated in future semesters; however, that semester in which the scholarship was lost is still counted against the student's total eligibility. Scholarships cannot be extended past the 8 semesters of eligibility. F1 and J1 international students should contact ISPS if they plan to withdraw from the university.

Current recipients of the international student scholarship should contact Noelle Sallaz at regarding any questions about renewal criteria and award posting.