Provost Comrie Weighs Future of Higher Education During Trip to Russia

St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, better known as ITMO, is making global education a priority through an International Council, of which Provost Andrew C. Comrie is a member.

Comrie recently visited Russia to meet with council members from varied backgrounds to discuss the future vision for ITMO University. Members held work sessions prior to the council meeting on topics such as education, research, university management, and international activities, thus increasing efficiency at the council meeting.

According to “ITMO News,” the International Council discussed anticipated changes in higher education, including individual learning trajectories, study modules, and flexibility— supporting a more personalized approach to academics and research. Further, the council examined the importance of interdisciplinary projects, where globally-focused researchers from diverse backgrounds unite to solve grand challenges.

The next International Council meeting will take place at the University of Arizona on November 7th and 8th, 2017.

More about the International Council:

The International Council was created within ITMO University in 2014 to bring together experts in higher education to bolster and track the university’s progress toward internationalization. The council is tasked with marketing for ITMO, approaching strategic partners on the regional and global scale, expanding international student recruitment, recruiting top international faculty and staff, and procuring international grants and scholarships.

Photo Courtesy: ITMO News