Over 30 Universities Attend XXII General Assembly in Spain

Compostela Group of Universities (Facebook)

Representatives of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) from more than 30 universities attended the XXII General Assembly on September 19 and 20 at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, Spain.

The Assembly included the celebration of its general council meeting, an academic session that covered the role of civil society in university innovation, as well as the awarding ceremony of the International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia.

More than 60 representatives from 30 HEIs also joined in Castelló, in honor of the 25 anniversary of the host university.

On Monday, September 19 the CGU member Universities attended the general council meeting. 10 institutions were welcomed to the Group and a team of students from the Universitat Jaume I received awards from the V International Video Contest.

On Tuesday, September 20 professor Per Kristensson from Karlstad University was in charge of the opening session with a presentation on the relations among university, public sector, industry and civil society. She also presented a pilot edition of the International Research Pitches.

The awarding ceremony for the XX International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia also took place on September 20 in the frame of the General Assembly.

This year, the Prize was given to the labour of CIRCOM Regional, the Professional Association of Regional Public Service Television in Europe. CIRCOM was founded in 1983 and now has 300 TV channels from 33 European States.

CIRCOM received this award because of their role in the construction of the European identity promotion, their values of tolerance as well as diversity and integration. The President of CIRCOM, Tone Kunst, and the Secretary General, Fernando Ojea, attended the ceremony.