Money Matters

Plan ahead and look for financial support from many resources. Grants, scholarships, loans, departments, family members, employers, extra-curricular organizations, and religious or social organizations may be available to help fund a study abroad experience.

See our Financial Information page for comprehensive information on financial aid and scholarships and visit the Billing and Payment and Withdrawal Policy tabs for a breakdown of payment and withdrawal dates and deadlines.

Study Abroad Finances

1. Non-refundable Study Abroad Application Fee

The $80 application fee will be charged to your Bursar account within 3-5 business days after selecting "Apply Now" on your program specific page. Note: does not apply to third party provider programs.

2. Non-refundable Program Deposit

The program deposit will is $600 (summer programs) and $1500 (semester programs). This applies to all programs. The deposit will be applied toward total program costs for faculty-led, exchange and direct enroll programs. 

The deposit will be charged upon commitment to your study abroad program. The program deposit is non-refundable. It will not be removed from Bursar's accounts nor will it be refunded if a student cancels from a program.

3. Final Study Abroad Program Fees

Program fees will be posted in accordance with the Bursar's Office billing timeline. Fees must be paid according to the Bursar's due dates to avoid late fees. The payment deadlines coincide with UA tuition payment deadlines. 

It is critical to secure appropriate funding in advance and to make a "fall back" financial plan if applying for scholarships or other non-guaranteed funding. If you think you might have to cancel for any reason, you should consider purchasing travel insurance to cover some of your costs for late cancelations.