Passports Office University of Arizona


Welcome! When you arrive at UAP Passports, please sign in on the touch-screen kiosk located on the table to your right. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1.    Choose your sign in method of text, email, or by name. Select “text” or “email” to receive convenient updates if your wait time changes.
2.    Tell us which services you need and the quantities for each. Whole families can be assisted with just a single sign in!
3.    Confirm that you have a check or money order for fees payable to the Department of State. This is important… We won’t be able to process your application if you don’t.


Your approximate time of assistance* will be provided once you click Submit. Please relax in our lobby while you wait, or even run a quick errand if you have time. One of our Passport Acceptance Agents will be with you soon. 

*Your approximate time of assistance is an estimate based on the types of services requested by the applicants already in the queue. It is not a set appointment time, and the kiosk may adjust your time of assistance to be later or earlier based on the completion times of the applicants ahead of you. UA Passports makes reasonable accommodations for applicants who may not be present when initially called upon. However, if an applicant arrives more than 30 minutes after being called, a new kiosk sign in may be required.

Passports kiosk screenshot