Admitted Undergraduates: Fall Orientation

Register for Orientation

International Student Orientation is a mandatory 2-day program for all new Spring 2019 international admits. Orientation for all students begins Thursday, January 3 at 8:00 am in the North Ballroom of the Student Union

Each day is mandatory, and you will not be permitted to register for classes if you do not attend.

Register for International Student Orientation through the Next Steps Center.

The cost for orientation is included in the $395 Enrollment Fee.

What to Bring

Immigration Documents

You must present your original immigration documents (I-20/DS-2019 and passport) at the Document Review session at orientation (see Document Review below for more information).


If you have college-level math or English composition credits:

  • Attend the Math Placement and/or Writing Placement advising session at orientation.

  • If your English composition credits are from a college or university in the U.S., bring your unofficial transcript and copies of the course syllabus(es).

  • If your math credits are from a school in the U.S., bring your unofficial transcript and submit the Math Transfer Credit Approval Form.  

  • If your math credits are from a school outside the U.S., bring official course catalog descriptions in English. These need to have a stamp or something official from the transfer institution. 


There is no dress code for orientation. Because there is a lot of walking, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. 

Submit the Document Review E-Forms

In preparation for orientation, upload the following documents to the Document Review e-forms in UA International (located under Orientation on the menu):

  • Page one of your signed I-20/DS-2019

  • Visa (if applicable)

  • I-94 or port of entry stamp

If you will arrive to the U.S. by Tuesday, January 1, submit the required Document Review e-forms to have your documents reviewed early. If there are no problems, we will send you an approval email to exempt you from attending the Document Review session at International Student Orientation.

If you do not submit the e-forms by Tuesday, January 1, or you do not receive the approval email, you are required to attend the Document Review session at orientation