Tech.Global is a University of Arizona 100% Engagement Experience created to empower students who are passionate about technology and computer science, and possess a strong desire to explore the world. UA Tech.Global students will master a wide variety of programming languages--including MVC, SQL, and JavaScript--and will be well-equipped with market-ready skills in application design, cybersecurity principles, and tech/teamwork skills.

Our goal is to provide a generation of technologists the experience and opportunities to lead and innovate, while simultaneously supporting UA faculty by building and strengthening a wide range of interactive web systems.

Tech.Global students are paid $11/hour and are expected to maintain an average work week of at least 12 hours/week. You must be a team player. Your ability to work with your teammates is far more important than your coding skills

Program requirements:

  • Study Abroad – If you are a US student, you must engage in a study abroad experience. You may take a short-term study abroad (we have programs as short as one week) or you may study abroad for an entire semester, or more, and your position will be held for you upon return. This is something you will have to take responsibility for, make happen, and fud on your own. Scholarships and other forms of assistance may be available, but we cannot guarantee it. We will also work diligently with you to help you find a study abroad opportunity that best suits you.
  • HUMS 372: Global & Intercultural Comprehension (3 Credits) – This course focuses on integrating study abroad experiences in a way that allows you to assess your own personal growth as a result of having studied abroad. This applies to international students (who are effectively studying abroad in the United States) as well as US students studying abroad
  • Reflection – You will create some sort of project demonstrating what you have learned from your Tech.Global experience. It will not be one of the projects you work on during the job. It will be a technology-based project of your own invention that incorporates your intercultural experiences and coding skills.
  • Portfolio – You will build a professional portfolio of the projects you have worked on at Tech.Global. This may also include other projects you have worked on at the UA. You will have full support from your Tech.Global teammates and mentors to help you shape your portfolio. We will host your portfolio for 3 years after graduation, making this an exceptional opportunity to get your career launched straight-away.

Please contact Ash Scheder Black for more details.