Maps.Global - a data visualization platform revealing trends in UA enrollment, mobility, alumni, partnerships and more.

Designed and still evolving at the Office of Global Initiatives, Maps.Global is engineered to ingest any UA dataset with an international theme and location data, organizing concepts by common dimensions: location, date, College/Department, academic discipline, and network connectivity.

Maps.Global presently features 6 data sets, including:

  • Global Alumni - International graduates by college, degree, and year of graduation.
  • International Students - Enrollment data and trends from 2003 - 2015.
  • Partnerships - All institutions globally which the UA has formal exchange agreements with
  • Travel - A view of where the UA sent travelers in 2014.
  • Study Abroad - Where Wildcats studied abroad in 2014, by program.
  • Opportunity Tracker - A transparent look into the exciting projects being developed at OGI - now with live funding opportunities!


Real-time integration with OGI's Opportunity Tracker

Maps.Global is authored in the same MVC/.NET technology as Global Initiative's project management system, and that enables us to map and share the exciting opportunities we are pursuing on the behalf of the UA - in real-time. We believe such transparency adds substantial value to the whole of the UA community and is inline with our strategy to maximize our community's ability to collaborate internationally, and across disciplines. Check out what we're working on right now from the Maps.Global 'Tracker' tab.


Revealing the Global Knowledge Network

Maps.Global is a service to the University of Arizona developed and maintained at OGI. We believe the UA is a primary node in a Global Knowledge Network, and with projects such as Maps.Global we are working to make the existence of that network a little more tangible... something that can be explored, understood, and put to use. We are dedicated to evolving this tool to meet the needs of the UA community, so if you have suggestions or questions about where Maps.Global could go next, please contact Ash Scheder Black.


Maps.Global was authored at the Office of Global Initiatives as part of a pilot project which has emerged as Tech.Global - a 100% Engagement Opportunity. It was, and continues to be an intensive and truly agile learning experience for students and OGI staff alike. The application is a blend of several technologies:

  • Google Maps API
  • MVC in C#.Net
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML5 & CSS, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

If you are a UA undergraduate with a strong desire to code and you think that GIS, Web Programming, Data Visualization and representing the University of Arizona abroad like a rock star is in your future, head on over to Tech.Global and consider putting in an application for a spot on the team. Hiring begins Spring 2016.



Ash Scheder Black
Director of Technology, Office of Global Initiatives