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Our Sponsored Programs team is here to assist international students who are sponsored by their home country governments and other agencies. As a sponsored student, we will serve as your point of contact here at the University of Arizona with regards to your sponsorship. We offer a number of services to sponsored students and their sponsors to facilitate your course of study while at the University of Arizona, and we strive to enhance the relationships between our students, their sponsors and the university.

Advising Hours

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As a sponsored student, you have designated advisors in International Student Services (ISS) who are your primary contacts for immigration advising on F-1 and J-1 regulations, matters relating to your Sponsorship, including pre-arrival information, monitoring status of financial guarantees, referral to academic support and other special issues.
You should consult with your university academic advisor regarding issues related to (but not limited to) your academic program of study, program requirements and procedures, academic progress, and assistance in accessing university resources.
Sponsored Student Advising

Who you will meet with depends on the nature of your question and your sponsoring agency. Use the table below to determine who you should schedule an appointment with. If you are outside of Tucson and need to schedule a phone appointment, please call the ISS front desk at (520) 621-4627.

Billing questions (regardless of sponsor)
Schedule an appointment with Tom Stitt
Students sponsored by IIE, LASPAU or AMIDEAST
Call (520) 621-4627 to schedule an appointment with Joanne Lagassé-Long

All other sponsored students

Schedule an appointment with Len Tecson

To schedule the next available appointment with Len Tecson, click the button below.

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Enrollment & Registration Considerations
Maintain Full-Time Status
Make sure that you are fully registered and meeting the immigration requirements. Your Sponsor, however, may require that you enroll for MORE than the minimum number of hours required under immigration regulations. Concurrent enrollment at Pima Community College for undergraduate students requires Sponsor approval.
Online Courses
Most Sponsors do not allow and will not pay for courses that are taught online. Additionally, immigration requirements limit the number of online courses a student may take during a semester. Check with ISS before enrolling in online courses.
Summer & Winter Sessions
Sponsor payment for Summer Session (May-August) classes and Winter Session (December-January) classes varies depending on your sponsoring agency, so be sure to discuss your eligibility to enroll in Winter and/or Summer courses with ISS well in advance of the beginning of these sessions. A valid financial guarantee must be on file to bill your Sponsor for classes taken during these sessions.


International Student Services (ISS) provides 3rd-party deferred billing services for sponsored students and will invoice your Sponsor directly for your tuition, mandatory fees and other expenses in accordance with the terms of your sponsor’s letter of financial guarantee.
In order for ISS to invoice your Sponsor, the following must be on file with ISS:
  • A current Letter of Financial Guarantee from your Sponsor which details tuition, mandatory fees and any other charges your Sponsor has agreed to pay on your behalf
  • A current Release of Information Form which enables ISS to provide billing and other services to your Sponsor
Your UA Bursar Account (Student Account). As a UA student, you are ultimately responsible for charges to your UA Bursar account. Your Sponsor does not get billed for all charges to your Bursar account, so please remember to monitor your account regularly via UAccess, and to pay on time amounts due that are your personal responsibility.
For any questions or concerns about charges on your Bursar account, especially charges which you think should have been invoiced to your Sponsor, please contact the ISS Sponsored Programs Coordinator via email at INTL-billing@email.arizona.edu or by telephone at 520-626-8182.


Forms, E-forms, Requests

Release of Information

A current version of this form must be on file in order for ISS to provide billing and other services to your Sponsor. If you have received a notice from ISS to update this form, please complete a copy of this form, and upload it directly in UA International using the link below. You can complete, print and then sign the form, and upload a scanned copy, or the form can be digitally signed using Adobe Acrobat's digital signature function. Upload your completed Release of Information form to UA International here.

Financial Guarantee

Upload your Letter of Financial Guarantee to UA International here.

Special Letter or RequestUse this e-form to submit a request to the Sponsored Programs Team at ISS if you need a letter or document required for your sponsorship. 
Online/Hybrid Course Audit

Submit this e-form if you need written confirmation of all online and/or hybrid courses you have taken at the UA to provide to your sponsor.

"No Major Selected" and "Pre-" Majors"No Major Selected" and "Pre-" Majors: If you are new sponsored student in Engineering, Architecture, Business or Computer Science, click here to submit a request if your Sponsor has requested a letter of explanation of the meaning of "Engineering, No Major Selected," "Pre-Architecture," "Pre-Business" or "Pre-Computer Science" and which confirms your intended major.
For SACM students only

Online/Hybrid Courses: All SACM-sponsored students must complete this e-form attestation regarding online and hybrid courses. This attestation only needs to be submitted once.

However, you must seek approval in advance from SACM to take any Online or Hybrid courses at UA. Click here to submit a request for ISS to prepare a letter of support to SACM for any online/hybrid course for which you are seeking approval.


For Kuwait students only (Kuwait Cultural Office)

Kuwait Cultural Office Verification of Enrollment. To submit your completed Verification of Enrollment to be verified by ISS, click here .

Other ISS FormsIf you are looking for other ISS Forms not specific only to sponsored students, click here.



Joanne Lagasse-Long
Sponsored Student Advisor
International Student Services
Len Tecson
Sponsored Student Advisor
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
International Student Services
Tom Stitt
Sponsored Student Billing
Program Coordinator, Sr.
International Student Services

Information for Sponsors

The UA’s Sponsored Student Program is privileged to partner with more than 40 sponsoring agencies supporting more than 500 sponsored students annually. Our sponsored students represent more than 30 countries and pursue courses of study in a variety of disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

For information about Sponsored Student programs and services at the University of Arizona, please contact Corinn Wilson, Program Director, Sponsored Programs, at wilco03@email.arizona.edu.