UA Global Ambassador

UA Global Ambassadors is a leadership program for UA students who are interested in bridging cultures between American and international students and serving as ambassadors for the international/global community on campus. Good candidates include students who are...

  • Study Abroad alum or International Students
  • Highly motivated to encourage cultural exchange
  • Willing to connect with the international community and engage in global conversations

UA Global Ambassadors serve as leaders of the fall and spring International Orientation Program, coordinators of the Buddy Program and advocates of study abroad. 

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Commitment and Responsibility

Responsibilities include:

  • Leadership of the Buddy Program
    • Organizing and planning Buddy Program events
    • Regularly attending events and communicating with assigned buddy group
    • Marketing the benefits of the Buddy Program during orientation and other campus fairs
  • Serving as an International Orientation leader for the fall and spring International Orientations
    • Assisting with preparation of orientation materials
    • Assisting with International Wildcat Airport Pick-Up
    • Answering new student questions
    • Assisting with session set-up and flow
    • Helping new students navigate around campus
    • Study Abroad outreach activities

      • Lead classroom presentations on the value of study abroad
      • Write blog posts about personal travel experience
      • Lead cultural coffee chats for study abroad alumni and prospective students
    • Participating in ISS and Study Abroad events
      • These may include: International Student Talent Show, International Education Week events, Study Abroad Fair, Study Abroad Photo Contest, etc.
      • Other projects as assigned 
    • Attending bi-weekly staff meetings and trainings (~8 total/semester)
    • Completing required readings, reflections, and final project

    Required time commitment:

    • Must be able to commit for full academic year (May 2018-May 2019)
    • Must be able to attend bi-weekly staff meetings on Fridays from 7:30AM - 9AM
    • Must be available for the following training and orientation days:
      • May 11, 2018 (First Training Day)
      • August 2 - 6, 2018 (Orientation Training)
      • August 7 - 17, 2018 (Orientation Commitment)
      • December 6, 2018 (Reading Day - Training)
      • January 1-8, 2019 (Orientation Commitment)

    Note: Due to the schedule above, applicants CANNOT be enrolled for in-person courses during Summer Session 2 or Winter Session.


    What are the benefits of getting involved?

    • Stipend: $700/year (Sponsored students must speak to their program sponsor about receiving payment)
    • Engagement notation (undergraduates) on transcript
    • Program development/event planning experience
    • Leadership, team-work, and cross-cultural skills to strengthen your resume
    • Presentation skills
    • Creating a more global campus
    • Cultural exchange and exploration
    • Make new friends and have fun!

    How to Apply

    Applications for the 2018-2019 Global Ambassador Program are now CLOSED!

    Students with international and/or intercultural experience are strongly encouraged to apply. The Global Ambassador Program is open to both international and domestic students as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

    For further information, please contact Noelle Sallaz at or Katie Van Wyk at

    Global Ambassador Application

    Applications for the Global Ambassador program are now CLOSED. 



    "Making new friends has been one of the biggest privileges of being involved in this program, some of the international students I have met have become some of my best friends.  Spending time with these students I hope that they feel like they know at least one person to talk to or be friends with here at the U of A." - Nicole Grisamore, Global Ambassador 2015-2016  

    "I really appreciate the Global Ambassador Program because my interpersonal communication skill is enhanced significantly. In particular, I got a better understanding of different cultures, how to start a conversation with some not easy-going people. Additionally, I am even more confident to speak in front of public after one year's growth." - Joy Fan, Global Ambassador 2015-2016

    "I myself, as an evolutionary biologist, always hold the belief that the greatness in mankind lies in that we are able to open to differences and make use of the difference to collaborate. Difference is the driving force to improve, embrace without judging is hard, however, will enable the fun revealing process of variations." - Monica Ge, Global Ambassador 2015-2016