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Dates, Deadlines, and Costs
TermApp DeadlineStart DateEnd Date
Academic YearMay 1early Septemberearly May
FallMay 1early Septembermid December
SpringOctober 15early Januarylate April
Program Information
  • GPA
  • Varies
  • Language of Instruction
  • English, Spanish
  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • No
  • Class Eligibility
  • Junior, Senior, Sophomore
  • Program Open To
  • UA Students
  • Credit Type
  • Transfer Credit
  • Level of Study
  • Undergraduate
  • Housing Options
  • Apartment, Homestay, Residence Hall
  • Program Type
  • Third-party provider
Program Overview

CEA is a University of Arizona affiliated third-party provider. This affiliation makes it possible for students to attend any CEA program without taking a leave of absence from UA. Within Spain, you can choose from programs in Seville, Granada, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona.

*** Please Note: Deadline dates differ based on city and program, please check CEA's website for specific date of your program.


Students who intend to study abroad on a CEA program will select a specific program within one of CEA's many locations. Each program offers a different set of course offerings, so selecting your program based on the course availability is very important. Examples of semester programs students have selected in the past include:

NOTE: If you plan to take Spanish language courses, you will need to contact your academic advisor to find out if they will be accepted. If taken for a Spanish major or minor, CEA Spanish courses will not be accepted by the UA Spanish Department.

Many more options are available in CEA - Spain's five cities: Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madird and Seville. 

Note: Students applying to a CEA program must complete both the CEA program specific application on their webpage and the UA Study Abroad application accessible via the Apply Now button above.


CEA offers programs in a variety of cities throughout Spain and each location offers a unique experience. Use the links below to visit each location's page and view the course opportunities available.


Depending on your specific program, there may be one housing option or multiple. Here are general definitions of the housing options you will encounter on CEA's Spain programs.

Homestay: Live with a local Spanish family and enjoy meals prepared by them several days a week. This is a great way to learn local customs and traditions while practicing your Spanish language abilities. Laundry is done by the family.

Residencia: Join Spanish students and other international students in a Spanish residence hall. Some will include a meal plan while others do not, but a university cafeteria is often available to purchase meals. This is a great way to meet other local students and people from across the globe.

Apartment: Often the most affordable option, the apartment allows students a lot of privacy and the opportunity to cook for themselves. 

Links of Interest

Program Costs

To find your program costs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CEA program finder. On the top, left-hand side, click "Destinations" and choose your preferred city (i.e. "Spain - Alicante," "Spain - Barcelona", "Spain - Granada," "Spain - Madrid", and "Spain - Seville").
  2. Select [City] Programs
  3. Looking over the available programs, find programs you are interested in and click on "See Details".
  4. In the upper left of the page select the correct session you plan to enroll in under "Available Sessions".
  5. Next, find the "Budget & Calendar" tab in-between the "Courses" and "FAQ" tabs and click on it.
  6. Under the Sample Budget's "low-cost" and "high-cost" columns, listed are the program's estimated expenses.
  7. Last, account for the "Study Abroad Fee", which is $600 for a summer program and $1,500 for a semester program.
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