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Saudi Arabian Students at Canadian Universities

We affirm the University of Arizona’s strongest commitment to supporting all Saudi students, particularly any students and research scholars who are seeking to transfer from Canadian universities during this upcoming academic year.

If you are committed to starting a program in August, our undergraduate and graduate admissions teams are ready to expedite admission applications, accept unofficial transcripts, and work closely with advisors to assure appropriate classes so that you can quickly request a visa and relocate. Our vibrant Saudi Students Club will enthusiastically welcome you with airport pickup and help getting settled into the community.  Our undergraduate, graduate, and law admission applications have been opened to accommodate you. 

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All Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the University of Arizona (UA)!

We have different procedures for applying to the UA based on your level of study. Please follow the link below that suits your academic profile and needs.

If you are searching for a shorter-term program to bolster your English proficiency, please go to the Center for English as a Second Language.

To determine the amount of funding you would be required to show to receive a Form I-20 or DS-2019 after admission, review the Cost of Attendance.