Internal, Campus-Wide Funding Opportunities

The University of Arizona's Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI) office has revised and developed internal, campus-wide funding opportunities to support UA researchers in pursuing extramural funding with competitive proposal development.

The internal grants require:

1) a Letter of Intent due March 13, 2019 at 5pm MST

2) a full proposal due April 3, 2019 at 5pm MST

International Research & Academic Program Development (IRPD) Grants: Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI) and UA Global will co-fund these grants. They are designed to jump-start and quickly grow either international research done by transdisciplinary collaborations, or the development of new academic programs in collaboration with international partner institutions.

Track 1: International Research Initiative: up to $30,000 to be spent on activities leading to an extramural proposal submission for global research and development projects. An international collaborator and/or institution is required. Investigators should request funding at the level most appropriate to the project.

Track 2: International Academic Program Development: up to $15,000 to be spent on activities leading to a new international student mobility initiative (student mobility initiatives may include: microcampus, early university programs, study abroad, student exchange, dual degree programs, pathway-to-degree programs, short-term study programs either inbound or outbound)

Track 3: International Research and Scholar Colloquium: up to $10,000 to hold a colloquium ranging from 3-5 days at UA for international visiting scholars from international partner institutions.

Faculty Seed Grants (FSG): These revised grants are designed to jump-start worthwhile projects by providing short-term, one-time support. FSG grants provide up to $15,000 on a competitive basis and are available in three tracks: Early Career, Mid-Career, Arts, Culture & Society.

Track 1: Early Career: proposals must lead to the generation of data for new extramural proposals or a new line of scholarship or creative activity. Proposals should describe how this funding will support a new faculty member develop independence.

Track 2: Mid-Career: proposals must lead to the generation of data for new extramural proposals or scholarship. Mid-career faculty interested in taking their research in a new direction, or in developing their career to lead a future research center or institute, are encouraged to apply.

Track 3: Arts, Culture & Society: proposals must advance an interdisciplinary collaboration or the generation of new data or a pilot project that will lead to new externally funded research, creative, or scholarly activities in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

For more information or to apply visit UA Competition Space