Programa Iniciativas de Colaboración Lationamérica - EEUU

The Latin American Research Programs have been sponsored by home institutions, government agencies and the University of Arizona since 2007. Since then, we have had hundreds of students who have claimed this experience has changed their personal and professional lives in a deep and meaningful way.

We offer a 10-week comprehensive international research program for undergraduates who are juniors or seniors at their home universities and who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the United States.

There are different activities that make this program ideal for youth interested in developing research skills. The students participate in workshops and symposiums that help them build a strong professional profile focused on research.

This intense research experience has led our students to accomplish publications in recognized journals, to be accepted in graduate school and to have successful professional careers. Participants from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru have benefited from this experience in the United States.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or concern. I and my team will be very happy to assist you.

Welcome to the University of Arizona!


Nadia Y. Álvarez Mexía, PhD