Totally Tucson

Did you know that the oldest European building in Arizona is a beautiful church right outside Tucson? Or that the Wild Western ‘town too tough to die’ lives on in Tombstone? How about that there’s a great museum where you can see all the unique, cute and crazy creatures that make our desert their home? Come join International Student Services as we take trips to experience the rich culture, stellar sights, and world renowned food of Tucson and southern Arizona! It’s totally fun, totally awesome, and Totally Tucson!

Totally Tucson Goes to Sweetwater Wetlands and Mercado San Agustin

January 20, 2018

Did you know there are wetlands right in the middle of Tucson’s desert? We want you to see them with us! Totally Tucson will visit Sweetwater Wetlands to enjoy the cooler temperatures, beautiful environment, and maybe even a few birds and animals. Then we’re on our way to the historic Mercado San Agustin, where you can choose from a variety of great local restaurants for lunch. Sign up in person at ISS with your $20 nonrefundable fee (cash only) to save your spot. Make sure you hurry, because our slots go fast!

Totally Tucson Goes to San Xavier, Tohono O’odham Co-op, and A Mountain

March 24, 2018

San Xavier del Bac mission church is the oldest European building in Arizona, but it never gets old visiting! Totally Tucson will go to San Xavier for a tour of the church and the surrounding area. Then we’ll be off to lunch at the Tohono O’odham Cooperative farm for a lunch of Indian tacos. Finally, we’ll stop by A Mountain on our way home to see the most famous peak in Tucson. Sign up in person at ISS with your $20 nonrefundable fee (cash only) to save your place. This is one of our favorite trips, so hurry in to save your spot!