Saudi Arabian Students at Canadian Universities

We affirm the University of Arizona’s strongest commitment to supporting all Saudi students, particularly any students and research scholars who are seeking to transfer from Canadian universities during this upcoming academic year. If you are seeking to transfer to the UA, you can expect a high level of service and expedited enrollment assistance. Our enrollment teams are ready to provide advising and support with: 

  • Next available terms of entry

  • Best-fit programs of study

  • How to apply for admission and the types of documentation required

  • Availability of scholarship or fellowship assistance

  • Securing a new student/scholar visa

  • Logistical support for relocating to Tucson

Next Available Terms of Entry

Information about how and when to apply >>

If you are committed to starting a program in August, our undergraduate, graduate, and law admissions teams are ready to expedite admission applications, will accept unofficial transcripts, and will work closely with advisors to find appropriate classes so you can quickly request a visa and move to Tucson. Our undergraduate, graduate, and law admission applications will be open for a while longer.

We will provide a very high level of expedited service for fall applicants. However, you may feel more successful with a January 2019 start date and our teams are ready to advise you on the best fit for you.

Not all law and graduate programs of study admit for the spring or summer terms. To confirm, go to:

Best-Fit Programs of Study

You can request information about admission and programs of study online from anywhere, at any time.

Enrollment advisors are also available to help students find best-fit programs of study.


Phone+1 (520) 621-7524+1 (520) 621-3471+ 1 505-621-1285

Robert Siquieros, Credentials Evaluator, Sr.

Sergio Ayala, Associate Director

Janet Sturman, Associate Dean will serve as the initial graduate point person regarding program options and campus resources for Saudi transfer students and will direct you to campus colleagues.Amanda Wolfe, Director of Global Programs

Transfer Credits

The limits on transfer credit vary by degree level and by program of study. You should be prepared to provide unofficial transcripts to enrollment advisors in order to gain initial insights into the applicability of transfer credit.

If you are an undergraduate student, transfer credit will not be fully articulated into the system until after admission and will be available to advisors prior to your arrival.

If you are a graduate student, your program of study will advise you about the how transfer credit will be applied to degree requirements. A full evaluation will occur after your arrival.

Admission Requirements

A complete admission application includes

  • Admission application form

  • Payment of application fee

  • Transcripts from all previous institutions

  • Proof of English proficiency (if required)

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admission Application >>

Official transcripts are required for initial admission review; however, the following accommodations will be made:

  • An official version of the transcript can be accepted if provided directly from your sponsor.

  • Canadian universities that have the option of sending electronic transcripts can send directly to the UA, just as domestic universities do.

  • Transcripts should be emailed to

While the expectation is to receive official transcripts, if you are attempting to transfer for Fall 2018, Undergraduate Admissions Processing is willing to work with unofficial transcripts and follow up with you later to assure receipt of the official transcripts.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admission Application >>

Official transcripts are not required for initial admission review; official transcripts are required only after you have been admitted and before the second semester of registration.

Law Admissions

Law Admission Application >>

Official transcripts are not required for initial law admission review.

Scholarship and Fellowship Assistance

Some students will qualify for scholarship or fellowship assistance independent of the support they expect to receive through their sponsor agency (SACM). If you are a freshman or undergraduate transfer student and require scholarship assistance, you will have more options if you start in Fall 2019. Scholarships are not available for or students seeking Spring 2019 undergraduate admission.

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Fellowships and other types of financial assistance for graduate students are most often allocated through the program of study at or after the point of admission.

Securing a Visa

You can only apply a new visa after completing the admission process for a UA program and receiving approval from the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education. The sooner UA receives and processes your admission application, the sooner the visa process can start. Many standard protocols are in place in undergraduate and graduate admissions and ISS to help students.

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Relocating to Tucson

International Student Services provides support to new students and students are directed to these resources through standard (e.g. already in place) admission communication channels.

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The UA Saudi Students Club is available provide support and assistance. Questions may be directed to the club’s president, Osamah Moshebah.

On-campus housing for Fall 2018 is full. There is generally space available for students who start in spring semesters.