Release of Information Form

Release of Information

A current version of this form must be on file in order for ISS to provide billing and other services to your Sponsor. If you have received a notice from ISS to update this form, please complete a copy of this form, and upload it directly in UA International using the link below. You can complete, print and then sign the form, and upload a scanned copy, or the form can be digitally signed using Adobe Acrobat's digital signature function. Upload your completed Release of Information form to UA International here.

Financial Guarantee

Upload your Letter of Financial Guarantee to UA International here.

Special Letter or RequestUse this e-form to submit a request to the Sponsored Programs Team at ISS if you need a letter or document required for your sponsorship. 
Online/Hybrid Course Audit

Submit this e-form if you need written confirmation of all online and/or hybrid courses you have taken at the UA to provide to your sponsor.

"No Major Selected" and "Pre-" Majors"No Major Selected" and "Pre-" Majors: If you are new sponsored student in Engineering, Architecture, Business or Computer Science, click here to submit a request if your Sponsor has requested a letter of explanation of the meaning of "Engineering, No Major Selected," "Pre-Architecture," "Pre-Business" or "Pre-Computer Science" and which confirms your intended major.
For SACM students only

Online/Hybrid Courses: All SACM-sponsored students must complete this e-form attestation regarding online and hybrid courses. This attestation only needs to be submitted once.

However, you must seek approval in advance from SACM to take any Online or Hybrid courses at UA. Click here to submit a request for ISS to prepare a letter of support to SACM for any online/hybrid course for which you are seeking approval.


For Kuwait students only (Kuwait Cultural Office)

Kuwait Cultural Office Verification of Enrollment. To submit your completed Verification of Enrollment to be verified by ISS, click here .

Other ISS FormsIf you are looking for other ISS Forms not specific only to sponsored students, click here.