Readmitted Students: Check In at ISS

Before you can register for classes, you must take the following steps to complete your check-in at International Student Services (ISS).

Watch the Immigration Tutorial

Complete the Immigration Tutorial online to learn about the 6 most important rules for maintaining immigration status in the U.S. At the end of the tutorial, there is a 10-question quiz. There is no limit on the number of times you can take the quiz. You must answer all questions correctly to access the Immigration Tutorial e-form. Submit the e-form to confirm that you have completed the tutorial.

Begin the Immigration Tutorial >>

Submit the New Student Information E-Forms

Complete the New Student Information e-forms in UA International (located under "Orientation"). You cannot complete the Immigration Acknowledgement e-form until you have submitted all previous e-forms. 

Check in at ISS

Bring your original immigration documents (I-20/DS-2019 and passport) to ISS during normal business hours to complete an in-person check-in. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closure to ensure there is enough time for your documents to be reviewed by an international student advisor.  During the check-in, the advisor will review your documents to confirm that you reentered the U.S. in the correct immigration status, and then remove the hold from your account.  After the hold is removed, it may take 1 business day before you can register for classes.