Pre-Arrival Tutorials

After you receive your I-20 or DS-2019, there are a number of steps you must complete as an international student. Finish your International Student Checklist by following each stage of this process. Start with the first tutorial and complete all below. After you have completed the tutorials, submit the Tutorial Survey. Each tutorial will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

Tutorial 1: "Pre-Arrival Orientation" This tutorial helps to tell you how to prepare for traveling to the United States and what to expect from each day of International Student Orientation. You will also learn about the fun programs and activities planned, and you will learn about the city of Tucson, Arizona. Required for all new students.

Tutorial 2: "U.S. Culture" This tutorial helps explain the difference between values and norms of a culture. You will learn some of the common values of U.S. culture and how those values are expressed through behaviors. You will also learn about how Americans communicate with one another and tips for daily life in the United States. Required for all new students.

Tutorial 3: "The U.S. Educational System" This tutorial explains the university structure here at the UA and how you will proceed through the system to graduate. You will also learn about U.S. classroom culture and how to interact with your professors. The last portion of the tutorial shows you many resources available for additional help with language, research skills and tutoring. Required for new undergraduate students.