Undergraduate Authorized Early Withdrawal

If you want to take a leave of absence from school for one or more semesters, or you need to unexpectedly drop classes and leave the United States in the middle of the semester, you must apply for Authorized Early Withdrawal. Reasons to the leave the United States may include family emergencies, financial issues and personal reasons. Authorized Early Withdrawal is a termination reason in SEVIS. It is used to end your SEVIS record before your program end date, and allows you to avoid violating your F-1 status for not being enrolled full-time during the semester.

How do I request Authorized Early Withdrawal?

You must meet with an international student advisor to discuss your plans before initiating a drop. The advisor will provide an Authorized Early Withdrawal form for you to complete.

What will happen to my immigration record?

After your record is terminated for Authorized Early Withdrawal, you will have a 15-day grace period to leave the United States. Once terminated, your record cannot be reactivated or transferred to another school in the U.S. You must end all employment (on or off campus) the day your record is terminated.

You will not be eligible for immigration benefits like OPT or CPT until after you have been enrolled for one full academic year (2 semesters) on a new I-20.

How do I drop my Fall 2018 classes?

On or Before September 3:
  • If the semester has not started, you can drop the classes in UAccess. You must meet with an international student advisor to discuss your plans before dropping your classes. If you are outside the U.S., you can call (520) 621-4627 to schedule a phone appointment.

  • If the semester has already started, you will not be able to drop below 12 units in UAccess without ISS approval. You must meet with an international student advisor before you will be allowed to drop your classes.

  • You will not receive a grade of W for classes that you drop. You may be eligible for a partial or full refund of your tuition and fees (review the university's Refund Policies for more information).

After September 3:
  • To drop your classes, you must submit the Complete Withdrawal Form. The form will not be approved until after you have met with an international student advisor.

  • You will receive a grade of W for classes that you drop. You are not eligible for a tuition refund unless you are withdrawing for a medical reason (review the instructions for Medical Withdrawal before submitting the form).

What is the deadline to withdraw from Fall 2018?

The deadline to submit the Complete Withdrawal Form is December 5, 2018.

If I want to return to the UA, do I need to reapply?

You must reapply to the UA if any of the following are true:

  • You left the UA in poor academic standing (GPA below 2.0), and you missed at least one semester.

  • More than 2 consecutive semesters have passed following your withdrawal (if you withdrew and received grades of “W,” then that does not count as a semester missed).

How do I request a new I-20?

If you do not have to reapply:
If you have to reapply:
At least one month before the semester you plan to return, email the Document Request Form, a letter from your academic advisor that confirms your program end date, proof of funding and the Declaration of Support (if applicable) to International Student Services.
Submit the Undergraduate I-20 Request e-form in UA International. For more information, go to Readmitted Undergraduates: After Admission.

After you receive your new I-20, you must pay the SEVIS fee, and you may be required to apply for a new visa (for more information, check with the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country).

You cannot register for classes until after you have returned to the U.S., and checked in with your immigration documents at International Student Services.