Exemptions to Full-time

You can be exempted from full-time enrollment if you meet one of the conditions below and receive prior approval from International Student Services (ISS).

Last Semester

If you need less than the units normally required for full-time enrollment in your last semester, submit the Full-Time Enrollment Exemption e-form in UA International before the semester begins. You can only take 1 class or 3 units of online coursework.

In the e-form, you will be asked to provide the name and email address for your academic advisor. The advisor you indicate will receive an email with a link to UA International, so he or she can provide information about your degree completion date and the remaining classes required for your degree. If you have more than one major, you must also submit the Secondary Advisor Information e-form.

Normal processing time for ISS is 5 business days, from the date your academic advisor(s) submits the advisor portion of the e-form in UA International.

If you do not graduate in the semester for which you were approved, you may be out of status.

Medical Conditions

If you cannot attend classes due to a severe illness or injury, contact ISS to request an exemption. You must submit a letter from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or a licensed clinical psychologist. You are eligible for up to 12 months of medical reduced course load per degree level.  You must apply for an exemption each semester.

Academic Difficulty

If you are having severe difficulty understanding classroom lectures due to lack of proper English and/or reading skills, unfamiliarity with American teaching methods or improper course level placement, you may be authorized for a reduced course load. You must submit a letter from your academic advisor explaining why the exemption is needed.

Exemptions for academic difficulty are normally approved during your first semester, and only once per degree level. If approved, you must register for a minimum of 6 units. For more information meet with an international student advisor.