Address Reporting

You must report your local U.S. address within 10 days of arriving to the U.S. and/or after moving to a new location. If you do not report your address promptly after arrival, International Student Services (ISS) cannot register your immigration record in SEVIS and, as a result, your record may be terminated. 

Update Your Address:
  1. Log into your UAccess Student Center.

  2. Click “Demographic Data” then select “Addresses.”

  3. Click “Add a New Address.”  Use the following format to report your local U.S. address:

    Address 1: Your physical street address (example: 123 East Grant Road)
    Address 2: Your apartment and number (example: Palm Garden Apartments #241)
    Address 3: Leave blank
    City: Tucson       State: AZ      Postal: Your zip code (example: 85721)
    County: Pima

    You must provide the physical street address where you are currently living, even if it is a hotel or other temporary accommodations. Do not report a P.O. Box or the address for your academic department as your UA Street Address.

  4. After you enter your address, you must check the box for UA Street Address under “Address Types.” If you do not enter your local U.S. address as your UA Street Address, ISS cannot report it in your SEVIS record.