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UA Global Network Ambassadors

FlagsA UA Global Network Ambassador is a volunteer who is willing to act as a liaison for the University of Arizona in his/her particular geographical region/country. At times, this may include any or all of the following:

1. Watch for and identify UA Alums, friends and affiliates that may live in your geographical region/country.

2. Collect names and contact information when you meet them and share this information with the UA Office of International Alumni and Development Initiatives (IADI) so the Global Network database may be updated.

3. Allow the University of Arizona Office of International Alumni and Global Initiatives to share your contact information with UA alumni who may be returning or moving to your geographical region/country.

4. Permit UA IADI to share your name and contact information with the President of The University of Arizona and deans, vice presidents, faculty, staff, and UA students that may be visiting in your geographical region/country, so they may seek information and assistance for their travel plans.

The IADI is working in collaboration with the University of Arizona Alumni Association ( in seeking individuals around the world who are committed to advancing the UA mission. While individuals who volunteer as UA Global Network Ambassadors are not required to plan any alumni activities or events, we encourage Ambassadors to discuss these options with a staff member in the UA Alumni Association office. Optional involvement may be requested by the UA to help with recruitment of students from your geographical region/country.

For more information, please contact Hassan Hijazi, Director of International Alumni and Development Initiatives, The University of Arizona, Office of Global Initiatives, 939 N. Tyndall Avenue.

P.O. Box 210529 Tucson, AZ 85721-0529.  Tel: (520) 626 9300, Fax: (520)626 9004


Nancy Daru Yaeli, JD

Senior Vice President, Campus and Global Partnerships

The University of Arizona Alumni Association
1111 North Cherry Avenue, Tucson, Arizona  85721
Tel: 520-621-9034 or 800-232-8278