Our Goal:

To provide a generation of technologists the experience and opportunities to lead and innovate, while simultaneously supporting UA faculty by building and strengthening a wide range of interactive web systems.

For Students

WE'RE HIRING! Apply today on Handshake! If you love coding and are passionate about technology and innovation, we'd love you have you on our Tech.Global team!

Do I need to be fluent and advanced in all coding languages in order to join the team?

No. You do not need to be fluent, but to earn a spot on the team you will need to be able to show that you've begun programming and developing in one or more languages, outside of UA coursework, just because you want to. We all love to code on the team, and to make it on this team, you'll need to be one who loves coding as well - but experience is less important than you might think. Your most important quality? Tenacity. Never give up pursuing a solution. Never. If that describes you, then you'll probably enjoy being a Tech.Global coder - you will gain experience in both back-end and front-end design, and will master a wide variety of languages and techniques, including MVC, SQL, C#, and JavaScript.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

Tech.Global builds software solutions and web applications for the University of Arizona. As a Tech.Global developer, you will be building functional programs, websites, and applications to be used by UA faculty, staff, and students. We are currently working on a lot of virtual reality and augmented reality programs. We are strong in databases and visualization. To see some of our past projects, please visit our website.

Why should I consider joining Tech.Global?

  • Working at Tech.Global is just like joining a small tech start-up. You will have fun growing the program and will gain invaluable skills, work ethic, and a loaded portfolio that will give you an edge in the job market.
  • You will also have a ton of fun, make friends, and be a part of a tight-knit team.
  • You'll get to work with hot emerging technology like HTC Vive and Meta AR 2
  • You might also have the opportunity to travel, represent the UA, and work with developers from around the world!

How much will I be paid?

Tech.Global coders are paid $10.50/hr for the first 1024 hours, which is raised to $13/hr if you continue on past the original 1024 hours threshold.


For Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Are you looking for a software solution, web application, or research innovation for your school or department? Tech.Global might be able to build it - much better and much more economically than you might imagine. We are a Full Stack environment and we are particularly strong in databases, responsive, and 360/VR/AR programs.

Why choose to sponsor Tech.Global?

Tech.Global is built to receive sponsorship from UA Faculty (PIs) or Administrative/Academic units needing custom software solutions. We are here to expand research support capacity and to improve UA systems. By sponsoring Tech.Global we go to work quite economically on your project coding and tackling anything we can for you - and in the process you enable an extraordinary learning experience for dedicated UA undergraduates. Everybody wins.

How much does it cost to sponsor a seat?

A "seat" represents 1024 development hours, and typically that translates to about 1.3 years of engagement with us. It is a relatively long-running commitment, and in that time a whole lot of software development occurs. Of the 1024 hours, 768 are performed in dedication to your projects and 256 are used by Tech.Global to explore and invent on projects of our own choosing. This simple arrangement is a significant part of what makes Tech.Global so innovative - 25% of our work is devoted to simply uncovering what could be next - to the benefit of ALL of our sponsors (including you) and of course the UA. This is how Tech.Global can be both a software development shop, and an R&D lab. A seat requires an investment of $16,000, these monies are used to pay our studentworkers, to purchase gear, and occasionally to enable international experiences and a small operationalbudget.

What can you expect from your sponsorship?

First of all, real and transformative creative input to your project. Our team is led and mentored by Ash Scheder Black, a dedicated UA professional technologist with a track record for creative innovation in technology. Our explores daily all aspects of application design, from entrepreneurship with the stakeholder, to UI/UX, to HTML5/CSS, to JavaScript, to C#, to .NET, to SQL, to Unity, to MVC and back to the stakeholder. Your project will benefit from some expertise and genuine creative input from the very next generation of technologists who are building our next world at EVERY stage of your endeavor. Consider us your on demand creative/tech capacity. Hire us, and our team goes to work for you knocking out problems. It really is as clear cut as that. To view our past projects and read testimonials from other sponsors, please visit our website.


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