Study Arizona: Short-Term Programs run on a regular schedule and are open to partners from around the world. 

Our team offers a diverse menu of programs and experiences at a university known for international excellence. The University of Arizona has been recognized as an elite global university by the Center for World University Rankings, placing in the top 0.3 percent among more than 27,000 higher-education institutions.

Our offers range from cutting-edge research programs with globally-renowned faculty, to world-class student and professional development programs. 

Participants receive constant support from our team of international program professionals, helping to ensure a meaningful and positive experience regardless of program type.

Whether you are an international undergraduate or graduate student, faculty member, or professional in practice, we have a world-class international experience for you. Our regular offers include:


  • A Learning Research Experience, Undergraduate 
  • A Learning Research Experience, Graduate


  • Sports Science
  • STEM Skills Development

Student Development:

  • Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • UA Architecture: Sustainable Urban Design
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Development:

  • International Staff Development 
  • Precision Agriculture: A Custom Learning Experience for International Agriculturalists




A Learning Research Experience - Undergraduate 

“I never expected to gain so much knowledge in the academic, cultural, and personal fields. I feel more competent in my area of study, prepared to interact with different people around the world, and, most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.” – Research Learning Experience Student

This award-winning program offers a strong, research, professional, and cultural experience for undergraduate students in the STEM fields and social sciences, with an emphasis on objective experimentation and graduate school preparation.

Students spend 10 weeks in Tucson participating in faculty-mentored research projects as active members of their mentors’ research groups.

The program includes a Graduate School Symposium in which students acquire formal and informal knowledge about all aspects of graduate school in the United Sates – from obtaining a student visa, to choosing a right mentor, to obtaining scholarships.

Students also participate in intensive workshops on scientific writing, poster design, intercultural competence, oral communication, and stage management. At the culmination of the program, students use their newly-acquired skills to deliver an abstract, poster, and oral presentation of their research projects.

During their time in Tucson, students live on campus experiencing the life of a University of Arizona student. Participants have full access to sports facilities, library resources, city attractions, as well as academic, cultural, and sporting events.

Former participants have accomplished great research outcomes such as peer reviewed articles, conference poster presentations, experimental data for dissertation work, and early graduate program acceptance.

Read about the experience of one student who appeared in the media during his time in Tucson.

A Learning Research Experience - Graduate

This program offers a strong research, professional, and cultural experience for graduate students in the STEM fields. Students spend 10 weeks participating in faculty-mentored research projects as they become active members of their mentors’ research groups.

As part of the program, students participate in an intensive writing workshop, learning how to prepare a successful scientific paper in English. By the end of their lab work, writing sessions turn into focus groups and individual meetings in which students gain practical feedback of their work.

During their time in Tucson, students live on campus to experience the life of a University of Arizona graduate student, with full access to sports facilities and library resources. They also participate in an intercultural competence workshop, giving them tools to succeed in a global marketplace.

Participants are involved in activities 40 hours per week under the supervision of a UA professor. Depending on students’ progress and mentors’ guidance, students may end the program with a scientific article draft in collaboration with an assigned UA mentor.  


Sports Science

This three-week seminar focuses on the practical study of movement exercises, with the goal of advancing athletic performance and knowledge. Topics include speed mechanisms, stamina, and explosive speed generation as a means to improve overall sports performance. Participants are also introduced to Sports Medicine, with an emphasis on preventive measures and overall body maintenance.

Participants have privileged access to sports facilities, round table discussions with coaches and college athletes, as well as academic resources. 

STEM Skills Development

This two-week seminar offers a comprehensive look at how innovative research is conducted in the United States. Designed for international undergraduate students in STEM fields, participants learn about major regulations for research development as they visit cutting-edge research labs. They also hone their writing skills and attend discussion forums with graduate and undergraduate students.

This seminar provides a solid foundation for later participation in "A Learning Research Experience, Undergraduate."


Student Development

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is at the heart of this program. Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora (ITSON) faculty members travel to Tucson to
work with the UA McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship to collaboratively develop a curriculum for undergraduate students across disciplines from lowincome areas worldwide.

Selected students then travel to ITSON in Sonora where they receive social entrepreneurship instruction from ITSON and UA professors. Under faculty guidance, the students develop a social project applicable to their local communities.

Then, they get the Wildcat experience. The students travel to Tucson to pitch their social entrepreneurship ideas to the UA community and beyond.

Student Requirements:

  • Students from sixth to eighth semester.
  • English Proficiency is not required, but it is encourage.
  • Any major is welcomed.
  • Candidate must possess skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, social entrepreneurial orientation.
  • A valid B1/B2 visa is required.
  • Lefter of recommendation from home university.

Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“I’m majoring in biotechnology, but throughout the program, I improved my abilities in marketing and entrepreneurship – skills I dreamed of having.”  
– Marketing Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student

This series is for international undergraduate students interested in developing professional skills in the Eller College of Management with a focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation. On-campus activities include lectures and designated projects. Students participate in observational visits to companies off-campus to help inform their on-campus projects. 

Throughout the series, students also participate in workshops to improve their English communication skills, as well as their library resource knowledge.

At the end of the program, students assemble a brief description of their project or academic experience for a closing ceremony.

UA Architecture: Sustainable Urban Design

This lecture-based program is an introduction to critical analysis of architecture. Participants consider interdisciplinary paradigms, principles, and programs of design theory as they explore sustainable urban design in local and international contexts.

Using readings, lectures, discussions, field trips, and project assignments, students grasp the terms, concepts, and philosophical foundations of architectural theory, history, and heritage conservation. They also gain awareness of technological, economic, and political factors that shape historic and contemporary environments. 

Students who participate have the opportunity to access critical information about the graduate admission process for the UA Master’s Program in Architecture. 

Professional Development

International Staff Development 

Tailored to international office staff, this intensive, week-long seminar promotes expertise in international office management.

Topics include training in soft diplomacy, grant writing, binational proposals, international student recruitment, marketing for international offices, as well as dual degrees and institutional agreements. 

The seminar is offered in a friendly environment under the guidance of professionals and faculty members in the area of international education. Other highly distinctive components of this seminar include comparative and cultural education.

Precision Agriculture: A Custom Learning Experience for International Agriculturalists

This 10-day seminar is designed to introduce international professionals to advances in precision agriculture in the United States.

It includes a visit to Deere & Company facilities in Moline, Illinois, and to various research centers, farms, university research sites, and equipment manufacturers across Arizona. Methods include the use of drones, site-specific nutrient management for irrigated crops in arid zones, and variable rate linear move irrigation systems. Additional workshops in entrepreneurship, agricultural management, and cultural activities can be added to the program.

Read about the experience of a delegation from China here.