Study UA

Study UA offers a variety of learning experiences in Tucson at the University of Arizona (UA) and abroad for international students, faculty, and professionals, as well as unique programs for UA colleagues. 

Our programs are innovative, flexible, and allow students and professionals the opportunity to experience their field of study from a new perspective, helping them grow academically, professionally, and personally.

The inclusive international experience also provides participants with the tools they need to grow from an intercultural competence perspective. Experiences vary greatly — from cutting-edge research in nanotechnology and geo-imaging, to projects in social entrepreneurship and musical opera

We not only offer programs at the beautiful UA campus in Tucson, we also travel internationally to conduct programs based on an organization's specific needs. We are committed to providing flexible learning experiences, so participants get exactly what they need in order to advance in their respective fields.

Program design is dynamic. Study UA adapts each activity to the characteristics of the participants’ higher education system of origin, while emphasizing the excellence of the world-renowned academic and research system of the UA.

The intercultural focus, high academic standards, and emphasis on inclusion are outstanding features of our award-winning programs.  

The Study UA Programs team offers:

  • Individualized Research Internships
  • Binational Borderlands Programs (Arizona & Mexico)
  • International Partners Showcase Visits
  • Direct Credit Enroll UA Undergraduate Programs (1-2 Semesters)
  • Customized Workshops

Our team draws from the expertise of UA Global, a comprehensive team of specialists with vast international knowledge and diverse global backgrounds. The Study UA unit is led by higher education scholars who are passionate about the experiences they provide.

We are excited to lend our expertise to help you become an agent of positive change for the world.

Below is a sample program outline from one of our recent Study UA Short-Term Programs.

Study Arizona summer programsSummer Programs 2018 Booklet: download pdf file 


Our Team:
Adrián Arroyo, a higher education expert with a scientific background, coordinates programs, working closely with participants from start to finish. Arroyo has a decade of experience in program management and recently earned his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.
Suzanne Panferov Reese currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Global Engagement at the University of Arizona (UA) Global.  Additionally, Panferov Reese teaches on the interdisciplinary faculty for the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) program and in continuing status as Associate Specialist in Public and Applied Humanities in the College of Humanities. She continues to chair and serve on several dissertation committees as well.