Customized Programs

Study Arizona: Short-Term Programs is experienced at developing and implementing programs that are completely tailored to your needs. 

Customized Programs we have worked on include:

Hermosillo, Mexico Spring Break Program

Little Wings is an innovative reciprocal seminar, designed collaboratively by ITESM Sonora-Norte, Study Arizona: Short-Term Programs, UA Study Abroad, and the UA Blue Chip Leadership Experience.

Students from Mexico and the UA work together in Tucson during one week in the fall creating a curriculum for children at risk of not finishing school in Hermosillo, Mexico. The curriculum is jointly delivered to children in Hermosillo during spring break, giving students from Mexico and the UA meaningful study abroad experiences.

Students participate in workshops to enhance their intercultural competence as they develop social entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

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Computer Science Seminar Series

This seminar was specifically designed for Russian graduate students in the area of satellite imagery computational analysis. Students had the opportunity to increase their knowledge and establish connections for research projects. An outstanding component was an English writing series, which trained students in scientific professional writing at the graduate level. 

Mathematics and Science Teaching: Advanced Internship 

This ten-week internship program provided a multifaceted learning experience for pre-service teaching students from Chile. Members of the UA College of Education and prestigious faculty in the areas of mathematics and science teaching helped design the program. 

Activities included lectures on research design & curriculum development, elementary school visits, faculty & expert talks, discussion tables, and a final project with assessment. Students had the chance to visit local schools, interact with teachers, meet faculty members, and design their own research projects under the supervision of UA faculty member.

The Study Arizona: Short-Term Programs team also designed a special program for faculty members from Chile who joined the group. They had the opportunity to meet UA College of Education faculty members, identify mutual areas of research interest, and develop mutual research projects.