Opportunity Tracker

​Organizing the ideas, projects, and funding opportunities that come to life at UA's Office of Global Initiatives (OGI)

OGI's Opportunity Tracker tab in Maps.Global is a crucial tool advertising funding opportunities available to UA researchers working internationally: tagging geographic location and team particulars (institution, NGO & industry partners; academic research team members & OGI leads). To view international projects and opportunities where the UA is actively engaged, check out Opportunity Tracker in Maps.Global. Simply go to https://maps.global.arizona.edu and click on the ‘Tracker’ icon.

Opportunity Tracker

How to Use the Opportunity Tracker

The Filters: Selecting 'ACTIVE' will bring up all results that are currently ongoing. Selecting 'NEW' in the dropdown filter will bring up all opportunities that have yet to begin. Selecting 'RETIRED' will reveal all projects where the account has been closed and is either complete, or are no longer being pursued.

Opportunity type:

Agreement: confirmed exchange that project will be established
Award: recognition given in honor of a specific achievement
Contract: written proposal supported by recognized funding
Event: consortiums, reunions, conferences, official academic large-scale global events
Funding opportunity: opportunities for grants, collaborations or other funding that are open for submissions
Grant: endowment, funding or sums provided for global research projects
Project: officially titled, multi-faceted collaborative enterprises
Study Abroad: all projects related directly to Study Abroad and Student Exchange

About the Opportunity Tracker

The Opportunity Tracker was concepted, designed and programmed by Ash Scheder Black, Director of Technology (with special thanks to Randy Burd for channeling Steve Jobs during the feedback phases). The immediate members of the Office of Global Initiatives required a way for all employees to keep track of networking opportunities, contracts, relevant partners, funding sources and any generally interesting new ideas. The technical team at OGI worked together to assemble a fast and responsive repository for all UA connections across the globe. For technical questions regarding this database, please contact ashblack@email.arizona.edu