International Emergency Support

International Emergency Support (IES) provides all employees, students, and DCCs registered for official UA Travel resources, assistance, and emergency support following potential or unfolding critical events abroad.  Global Resiliency, in the Office of Global Initiatives, manages the coordination of traveler emergencies through IES which include:

  • Life threatening injury or illness
  • Arrest or detainment
  • Victim of violent crime
  • Missing traveler
  • Disease outbreaks, civil or political unrest, or natural disasters
  • Death abroad

IES Identifies traveler locations to coordinate messaging, accountability, and emergency support. 

Messaging:                         Travelers receive notification of a potential security threat and guidance.

Accountability:                 Following a significant security event, IES identifies and coordinates initiates check-in of potentially impacted Travelers, depending on the likelihood and severity of impact.

                                    IES will reach out to the Emergency Contacts of Travelers who do not respond to requests to check-in and take additional steps to locate travelers as necessary.

Emergency Support:     When Travelers are directly impacted by an emergency abroad, IES coordinates the institutional response to assist the traveler.


Travelers or Travelers’ Emergency Contacts may reach IES with a call or text to 520.307.9576.