Global Alumni and Friends

Global Wildcat for Life

The University of Arizona's Office of Global Initiatives and the Alumni Association have joined efforts in order to help overseas alumni stay connected to the University of Arizona through activities, celebrations and online correspondence.

The UA Global Network helps you stay connected with the University, with UA alumni in your geographic area, and with fellow members of the Wildcat family around the globe. The Office of International Alumni and Development Initiatives and the UA Alumni Association encourages you to become involved in the UA Global Network in your region or country!

The University of Arizona Alumni Association
The Arizona Alumni Association is committed to supporting the interests of the University of Arizona, its alumni, and its current and future students, through the development of mutually beneficial relationships.

Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) Alumni Association
CESL has two alumni groups meeting somewhat regularly in Saudi Arabia and Japan. In Saudi Arabia, the group is made up of CESL and Arizona graduates from about 1991-1995. They call themselves the “Desert Hunters” and have a web page.

Study Abroad Alumni
The Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange (SASE) stays connected with alumni through events, newsletters, social networking sites and more.

Social Networking Sites
There are dozens of University of Arizona social networking sites with a global appeal. A few are found on this page in the footer below under 'Follow Us'. You can network online with Facebook and LinkedIn or follow the UA on Twitter. If you cannot find the region/country you are looking for, you can create your own!

Global Alumni Ambassador Program
A UA Global Network Ambassador is a volunteer who is willing to act as a liaison for the University of Arizona in his/her particular geographical region/country.


The Office of Global Initiatives stays connected to you, no matter where in the world you are – to maintain those Wildcat ties. Wherever you make your new home on the globe, we actively also help you to stay engaged with the UA:

Become a Wildcat for Life member

  • It changes the lives of students through scholarship and leadership programs.
  • It is the foundation for key alumni programs that grow the Wildcat Nation.
  • It creates a global network of alumni connecting Wildcats to the UA and each other.
  • It preserves our treasured heritage and traditions.
  • Plus, you get some cool benefits!

Become a UA Global Alumni Ambassador

  • Connect UA alumni who live in your country or region.
  • Be a contact for faculty who are visiting or doing research in your country/region.
  • Talk to students who are interested in studying in the US about considering the University of Arizona.
  • Connect with UA students who are studying abroad in your country/region.

For further information about the Global Knowledge Network, or to become a UA Global Alumni Ambassador, please contact either UA Global Initiatives or Nancy Yaeli:

UA Global InitiativesNancy Daru Yaeli, JD

Phone: 1-520-626-3734

Sr. Associate Director, Alumni Relations
Sr. Vice President, Campus and Global Partnerships
The University of Arizona
Alumni Association
Phone: 1-520-621-9034 or 1-800-232-8278