Emergency Procedures

EMERGENCY:  CALL/TEXT (520) 307-9576 (any time)

Contact UA International Emergency Support at this number as soon as possible for support following critical events, including:

  • Victim of a Violent Crime
  • Death of a UA Traveler
  • Life Threatening Injury/Illness
  • Missing Person
  • Security concerns due threats including (but not limited to): civil or political unrest, natural disaster, disease outbreak, or terrorism

If traveling with students, fill out this short Incident Report.

An incident is considered a non-critical event that can be addressed with minimal UA support.

1.  Obtain medical assistance, if needed. 
2.  Contact the number above  or:

UA Travelers - ACE Travel Assistance    Outside the US and Canada:  1 + (202) 659-7803
Organization:   State of Arizona   Within the US and Canada:  1 + (800) 243-6124
Plan No:  01 AH 585
Policy No:  ADDN06564422

Study Abroad Participants -  GeoBlue  1 + (610) 254-8771

Be prepared to provide the following information, if possible:
-Caller's phone number, relationship to traveler
-Traveler’s name, age, gender
-Description of incident and traveler(s) condition(s)-Name, location, and phone number of hospital, if applicable
-Name and contact information for treating physician, if applicable 

3.  Study Abroad programs and Field Trips- submit the online incident report and confirm report is received. 

Contact the home department as soon as possible and request that someone:
-Call Risk Management Services at 520-621-1790
-Complete an online Employee Injury Report/Non-Employee Incident Report, if applicable