Welcome #GlobalWildcats Night at Main Gate Square!

Welcome #GlobalWildcats Night at Main Gate Square!

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

welcome global wildcats night





Play the #GlobalWildcat Game by exploring the diverse offerings of Main Gate Square!

Monday, August 20, 6pm-8pm | 814 E University Blvd.

•    Free tastings from participating restaurants on University Boulevard
•    Live music and entertainment!

Discounts on food/beverage purchases from participating restaurants
Participate in the Global Wildcat challenge and be entered in to win major prizes including: 
- Gift certificates to your favorite Main Gate Restaurants & Shops! 
- Global Wildcat gear!

How to get there: map
Parking: metered parking (back-in spaces only) or the Main Gate Parking Garage
Shops: website

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * WINNERS!   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank you to everyone who participated in playing the game by enjoying the FREE FOOD provided by our friends on University Boulevard!
You shared with us your favorites, and we had a great time meeting you. For all those who returned cards, the PRIZE WINNERS of the raffle are listed below. 
To pick up your prize, please stop by the International Student Services office (915 N. Tyndall Ave; just off campus near the Marriott Hotel)
If we spelled your name incorrectly, we apologize for the error:

Jude Coompson
Nicky Ramos
Tam Duong
Alisa Ivanits Leeys
Tzu-Ying Chen
Edgar Durte
Katrina Lee
Jenny Ding
Nga Kim
Bridget Slomka
Ruby Fulford
Lexi Solsky
Mehsen Bahrami
Hyunjung Lee
Donavon Buckley
Nathan Raveendaan
Yuchen Liu
Tyler Salas
Mia Sadler
Kyra Reid
Nina Kotova
Jacob Ransom
Laura Bassi
Violeta Alejandra Martinez
Chih-Wei Hsieh
Einaz Tavakoli
Michelle Anderson
Eleni-Persefoni Stavrianou
Tarun Reddy Sandhi
Sylvia Ahanonu
Madison Mas
Christian Collberg
Abhisher Agarlal
Yizhou Mao
Fang Yu Lin
Julian Wallace
Leah Gonzales
Keerthane Kesaran
Eze Ahanonv
Alexis Gasca
Jorge Paredos
Androa Bortassi
Gavin Mitchell
Alice Lau
Rahul Kumar Bhadani
Jacob Ransom
Tiara Sampson
Leonid Kotov
Patrick Horbach
Kassandra Cordova Salado
Alejandra Ibarra
Alina Rein Hard
Lydia Heiss
Saghar Safaeyan
Malea Walker
Rohit Kumar Gupta
Miranda Dillon
Jose Ruiz Duarte
Leticia Vazquez Bengachea    
Jess Penners    
Gioia Zoli    
Alexander Lorenius    
Valeria Pfeufer
​​​​​​​Elliott Kwan



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