Intro to Arid Lands at the University of Arizona

Below: Did you know that many buildings on campus are named after important arid lands researcher pioneers?

As a land-grant institution located in Arizona, arid land use and management has been a key element of the University of Arizona (UA) mission from its founding in 1885. Almost 60 years ago, in response to increasing world-wide interest in arid land development, the UA created an interdisciplinary Committee on Arid Lands Studies to harness the diversity in experience that existed across campus to deal with the problems associated with arid lands.

The arid lands community at the UA includes both students and researchers and has always been large, diverse, and active. Over the past decade, the institutional focus for the community has dissipated due to faculty and student departure, budget cuts, and administrative reorganization.

It is time to correct that.

On October 6th, UA researchers met with the support of the Office of Global Initiatives to hold the first in a series of Town Hall events to start a conversation aiming to:

  • build a collective identity
  • identify the major challenges that confront global arid lands
  • define our individual roles relative to these challenges
  • foster collaborative connections among us, and
  • clearly articulate our expertise and objectives so that we might more successfully pursue research and education opportunities

Our next Town Hall will take place on March 1st. This event will feature several speakers who will highlight a few of the many assets available to arid lands researchers at UA. We will also demonstrate a new online tool for identifying our expertise network.  If you are a specialist, researcher or educator involved in Arid Lands, please be sure to RSVP!