Alumna Makes a Special Delivery From Taiwan for Homecoming

Homecoming this year came with some special documents hand-delivered from Taiwan.

Zu-Chun Lin completed her Ph.D. in nursing here at the UA in 2008 and is now an Associate Professor of Nursing and Dean of the Office of Research & Development at Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology (TCUST) in Hualien, Taiwan. This weekend she returned to Tucson to celebrate homecoming, and has brought with her documents that renews a previous agreement between the UA College of Public Health and TCUST, but also extend into her home department in Nursing.

TCUST is a private university located in Hualien City, Taiwan. It was founded by the Tzu Chi Foundation (UN's NGO member) and is well known in Taiwan for the quality of the medical education it provides. TCU has strong ties with Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital (located on its campus) as well as five teaching hospitals in other parts of Taiwan.

The agreement between the two universities allows for increased research collaboration and faculty/scholar exchange, but also lays the groundwork for a future program involving student internships and a potential dual degree program.

“Globalization has been an important area which TCUST has put effort over the past 5 years. The MoA between UA and TCUST definitely enhance the moving of globalization and internationalization for TCUST in the areas of education and research,” said Lin.

"At University of Arizona College of Nursing, we are committed to advancing nursing education, research and practice around the globe, making this partnership with Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology a definite highpoint for us.  This partnership provides faculty and students with valuable opportunities for synergistic cultural exchange and enrichment," said Usha Menon, Professor; Associate Dean for Research & Global Advances at the UA College of Nursing.

During her short visit to campus Lin was also honored by the UA College of Nursing during the 2016 Wildcat Nurse Alumni Awards Breakfast. Zu-Chun was given the Global Achievement Award which recognizes alumni who have brought honor and credit to the University of Arizona and their profession in the global arena through professional achievement or humanitarian service.

“Coming back to the UA feels like being home. I am so proud of being an alumna and appreciate the Alumni Council give the award to me,” added Lin.

With hundreds of international partners, the UA Office of Global Initiatives processes these types of agreements on a regular basis, but rarely do they involve such a personal touch.