11 International Students on Why They Chose the UA


The University of Arizona is excited to welcome hundreds of new international students this fall! UA Global stopped by orientation to ask “why they chose the UA.”

Home Country: Germany
Academic Interest: Law
“I love the American West, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the open and friendly nature of the UA.”









Home Country: Mexico
Academic Interest: Art History
"Studying at the UA gives me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself.”







Sung Woo
Home Country: Canada
Academic Interest: Economics
“There was a University of Arizona professor who I wanted to study with – actually, several!”








Home Country: Turkey
Academic Interest: Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Fulbright Teaching Assistant
“I really like how Tucson is close to a lot of attractions, and I don’t like winter!”








Home Country: Zambia
Academic Interest: Business
“My cousin recommended that I study here. He is at the UA, too, so we decided together.”







Home Country: Iran
Academic Interest: French
“Here, I have opportunities to research and teach the French language – opportunities that I would not have in France to teach French as a second language.”








Home Country: South Korea
Academic Interest: Communications
“I got a teaching assistantship. I’m interested in media and children, and the department of communication at the UA explores this subject area.”








Home Country: Turkey
Academic Interest: Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Fulbright Teaching Assistant
“I’m excited to be here because of all the great professors I get to work with.”








Yashvardhan, Aayush, and Arsh (from left to right)
Home County: India
Yashvardhan, Economics: “I have heard great things about the college of management!”
Aayush, Engineering: “I love the campus. It’s beautiful! Also, the diversity is great. You get to meet people from all over the world.”
Arsh, Astronomy: “The climate is good. The climate at home is similar. I like how everything is blooming!”








Welcome to all of our newest #GlobalWildcats!