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Returned Students

Grades and Credit Transfer

I went on a UA faculty-led program. When will my grades be posted to UAccess?

After the conclusion of your program, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for your study abroad grades to be posted to UAccess.  If you don't see the courses, credits or grades after 4 weeks, please contact your study abroad coordinator.

I went on an exchange, direct enroll, or third-party provider program. When and how will my study abroad credits transfer to UA?

It often takes one full semester for transcripts from your study abroad institution to reach the University of Arizona and for the credits/grades to be evaluated by International Admissions or the Registrar's Office. Once your transcripts have been received by the University of Arizona, they will be evaluated and posted to your UAccess account under "Transfer Credit", not the term you were abroad.  Once you see your transfer credits in UAccess, you must meet again with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will then make the appropriate substitutions based on the course pre-approvals.  This is why it is important for you to keep a copy of your Course Selection Sheet, which was part of your application materials.  You can also request a copy from SASE.

Do I need to meet with my academic advisor after my study abroad program is over?

If you received transfer credit, then YES, you will need to meet with your academic advisor again, after you see the transfer equivalencies in UAccess. Your academic advisor will substitute your study abroad courses for the UA degree requirements.  Please note in UAccess evaluations:  3TR is for upper division equivalencies, while 1 TR is for lower division equivalencies. 

Can I get a transcript from the institute/university where I studied?

Yes. Study Abroad and Student exchange will be happy to give you a copy of your transcript. We cannot give you the original version, as that goes to the UA Office of Admissions or the Registrar and remains the property of the UA. If you need an official transcript, then you will have to contact the foreign or domestic institution, which awarded your credit.  If you don't know whom to contact, then ask your study abroad coordinator for the proper contact info.  Please note: SASE coordinators can also write verification letters for graduate schools, which along with a copy of your transcript can work as a substitute for original transcripts for some graduate school applications. 

I am a non-UA student who participated in a UA study abroad program. How do obtain a UA transcript?

Unfortunately Study Abroad and Student Exchange cannot send you an official UA transcript for your study abroad program. If you need an official UA transcript, then you will have to request it through the UA Office of the Registrar.

Stay Connected

How do I stay connected to the country where I studied abroad?

Now that you are back in the U.S. one of the best ways to stay connected is to meet international students who are from the country where you studied. The University of Arizona has many international clubs where you can meet these students.

Also, Study Abroad and Student Exchange runs a Buddy Program. The Buddy Program needs study abroad alumni (YOU!) to help international exchange students who will be coming to UA. This simply gives you the opportunity to become friends with an international exchange student who may have many questions about UA, etc.

Further we offer a UA Global Student Ambassador Program, where you can work closely with inbound students in the Buddy Program, gain leadership experience and participate outreach events within the SASE office.  This is a unique opportunity for all and we encourage you to apply!

Can I study abroad again?

YES! We have many study abroad students who study abroad more than once.

How do I pursue an international career?

Every semester, the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science (CLAS) Academic Advising Center presents "Pizza with a Professional" focusing on international careers. This is a very useful session where you can talk directly with professionals who have successfully worked abroad.  You should also visit UA Career Services for ideas about international employment opportunities or visit their online links to "Going Global" resources!  Many study abroad alumni also find that the Peace Corps program is a perfect "next step" to deepening their international experience.  We hope that your study abroad experience continues to open doors to the world!

I would love to work in Study Abroad & Student Exchange. How do I do get more involved? 

Study Abroad and Student Exchange employs a few student workers or graduate interns each year. Check with your study abroad coordinator and Career Services to see if there are any open student positions. This is a great way to see the inner workings of a study abroad office and to discover if international education is for you. Don't forget that Study Abroad and Student Exchange is only one part of global engagement at the UA. 

Another great resource is NAFSA: Association of International Educators. NAFSA's website offers a helpful Career Center.